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James “Keep'em Sleepin” Stevenson is Putting Opponents to Sleep: Manny Pacquiao in Future – Boxing News

Exclusive Interview by Marc Anthony

“Oh yeah, I definitely like getting called out, it makes me work harder. A lot of people are sleeping on me.”–James “Keep’em Sleepin” Stevenson

Heavy handed, James Stevenson, 15-0, 10 KO’s, will be fighting on September 22nd against Richard Andrews under the promotional banner – Jeter Promotions.
Jeter Promotions brings boxing back to Club One Fitness September 22nd. The card looks to be stack with local talent. 1131 Benfield Blvd Millersville Md 21108 or call 410-729-3900 for more information you can go to http://www.facebook.com/JeterPromotions.

James Stevenson sits with RSR and discusses his upcoming fight

MA: How has training been going for your upcoming fight against Andrews?

It’s going good.

MA: Looking at your record, you faced Jose Angel Roman back to back. What’s the story behind that?

Yes, he wanted a rematch because he claimed he was in better shape He was tough. It was a good fight, plus I let everybody know that I can go the distance.

MA: Speaking of going the distance. You started off with 8 straight knockouts. Are you happy that you showed people that you can do it all, box, brawl and go the distance?


MA: What do you know about your opponent Andrews?

Not too much. He fought a friend of mine and from my knowledge, he called me out.

MA: Is there a reason for him calling you out?

I have no idea. I guess he got his confidence built up to the point where he thinks he can beat me. In my mind, he picked the wrong opponent.

MA: Do you like getting called out?

Oh yeah, I definitely like getting called out, it makes me work harder. A lot of people are sleeping on me.

MA: Currently where do you rate yourself as a fighter?

(Pause)… I would say B- or B.

MA: Do you feel that you are ready to step up to the next level?

It’s really up to proper training, but I think I have a couple of more fights and its definitely time to take it to the next level.

MA: Are you still working full time as well as fighting full time?

No, I am full time professional boxer.

MA: A few years ago, you were doing both right?

Yes, I was working at the same place for 10 years man…and I decided to give it up for boxing. I was making good money.

MA: Was that a hard decision?

Yes, but boxing is something I really wanted to do. Working full time and boxing don’t really mix.

MA: Does your family come to your fights?

They go to all my fights. The sad thing is my Father won’t be there. I am dedicating this fight to my Father who died from a heart attack. He was always at all my fights.

MA: Does your family get nervous for you or are they hardcore?

Their hardcore! They feel like they are in there with me. They almost love it more than I do.

MA: For your fight against Andrews what are you looking to do?

I am going give the crowd what they want to see. Like I told you, I am all in one. I can box and I can brawl. I might have to adjust to his style, but I will be ready! I am going give the crowd what they want to see.

James Stevenson
Division: Welterweight
Nickname: “Keep’em Sleepin”
Professional Record: 15-0-0, 10 KO’s

2011-08-19 Jose Angel Roman Baltimore, US W UD 6
2011-04-15 Jose Angel Roman Millersville, US W UD 6

2010-03-20 George Rivera Baltimore, US W UD 10

2009-10-16 Martinus Clay Baltimore, US W UD 8
2009-08-27 Sebastien Hamel Hagerstown, US W RTD 3
2009-07-25 Ken Dunham Baltimore, US W TKO 3
vacant World Boxing Foundation United States Welterweight Title
2009-05-29 Manuel Guzman Baltimore, US W UD 8
2009-04-30 Dwayne Shelton Woodlawn, US W TKO 2
2009-03-19 Ken Dunham Woodlawn, US W TKO 2
2009-01-23 Darrett Crockett Woodlawn, US W TKO 2

2008-12-12 Kenneth Meeks Jacksonville, US W TKO 3
2008-11-26 Amos Collins Woodlawn, US W KO 2
2008-11-01 William Sadler Winston-Salem, US W KO 1
2008-10-17 Tabron Farmer Winston-Salem, US W KO 1
2008-09-05 Dontre King Baltimore, US W TKO 3

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