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Legendary Comedian Jerry Lewis Calls it Like He Sees It and is Spot On in Video Interview

By “Bad” Brad Berkwitt

In a recent Inside Edition interview that has gotten a lot of press for what Legendary Comedian Jerry Lewis said about Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton needing help and a good smack in the mouth to get their acts together happened to be spot on. For those of you shocked by what he said, he was not saying it in my opinion to be violent, but to wake them up. Jerry, give me a call, I have one no talent that is large in his own mind and in weight Groupie Journalist you would love to crack right away to try and get him straight!

Kudos to Jerry Lewis at age 84, and best of luck on your MDA Telethon this Labor Day Weekend. It’s great to see some people really do raise money for a worthwhile cause and not pretend to do so to be loved by total strangers.

To watch the Inside Edition Video Inteview click on the screen.

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