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WWE News – Hillbilly Jim & Uncle Elmer, Hulk Hogan, Wrestlemania III Look Back – WWF Classic Relived

By Masked Hernandez

Let me tell you something brother. When I wrestled on a dark match at Wrestlemania III, I had a chance to meet up Hillbilly Jim man and what a great man he was. He was ready to take on King Kong Bundy in a mixed tag with some little people brother and he was excited.

Hillbilly Jim was just in the stands and the Hulkster saw him and brought him down into the world of wrestling and that allowed the heavyset Uncle Elmer to enter the WWF too man. The Hillbillies were in wrestling and they were kicking some tail.

A war happened between King Kong Bundy and Uncle Elmer, two big dudes, over just who the best was. Bundy had that quick win over my friend, SD Jones and Elmer beat the time and sent a message. Not all hillbillies are stupid or useless man. Elmer and Hillbilly Jim were special.

Well, Hillbilly Jim went into Wrestlemania III with full head of steam and that big man with a mean heart, King Kong Bundy dropped the elbow on one of those little people, ending the match and giving Jim the victory, but it was a sour victory.

Hillbilly Jim and Uncle Elmer had some feuds with Roddy Piper and often made their way into headliners on Saturday Night’s Main Event. They were entertaining brother. Elmer was old when he made it into the WWF and didn’t last long, but Jim went on to have some great matches and do some great things, although he never wore that strap man.

I tip my mask to that “country boy” and applaud his contributions to the world of wrestling brother. What a great hillbilly he was!

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