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CM Punk, Ryback, Encore & More – RAW RESULTS & MORE – WWE NEWS

By Dani Mitchell

Oh Raw, how you toy with me. Just when I think you are about to do something great, you do something crazy. I just want to touch on the things that really stuck out to me.

For months everyone watching wrestling has been asking questions. Are we rolling into the Attitude era and out of the PG era? Are we going to get a powerful stable with some of the strongest superstars of today? NWO…oooooh no. We got the start of a stable…a stable of jobbers. It certainly left me scratching my head. Heath Slater came out for his match with Santino and was joined by Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre. This is so ridiculous that it could really be spectacular!

These 3 men surely aren’t known for being winners, but combine them; you level the playing field! That is, if they are smart enough to play dirty. I know that if I were a jobber and made a joke of week after week that I would just want to get out there and take out some frustrations.

The 3 announced on Twitter the name of the stable will be “Encore”. I don’t know if they are trying to be ironic because I don’t want to watch them a first time much less an encore. If they can use this though to prove themselves by lying, cheating, and stealing; more power to them.

Why stop with those 3 though? I would make a super group of jobbers… Then I would make them face CM Punk, Wade Barrett, and Daniel Bryan. HA! I would like to see anyone face Bryan, Punk, and Barrett. They are probably the most talented on the roster and have set the bar for the rest of the superstars today. Maybe I feel that way though because they aren’t big oiled up muscle heads like, let’s say, Ryback.

Here is the statement that is going to really cheese some people off. I do not like Ryback. I don’t get the fascination with him. I can count his moves on one hand. He’s strong. I get that. Yes, his chant is catchy. “Feed Me More” straight to the point. Perfect. Really though, he comes out, stares, shakes, 5 moves it up, prances around the ring, wins, chants his one liner. I don’t understand the point of him and I don’t get what WWE is trying to do with his so-called storyline.

Last week on Raw, after Punk attacked Mick Foley, Ryback was there to stare down the champ before Raw went off the air. Tonight, Punk came out and did his usual speech about respect and demanded that good ole boy Jim Ross tell the WWE Universe that he was “Best in the World”. Halfway down the ramp, here comes Ryback. He leads Ross back to the ring and stares down punk again…doesn’t do anything just stares. Last time I checked, the wrestlers don’t win titles by winning staring contests. But seriously, what is the point? Ryback is going to be a body guard for the legends of wrestling? Taking over for John Cena while he’s out with a bad elbow? Fine with me, but let him body guard backstage and at live events. Keep it off my television.

Last night the WWE toyed with us. Paul Heyman, GM? YES! Please! Alas, as quickly as that idea came up it was ruined when Vickie Guerrero got in the ring to throw her name in there too. BOO! Can you imagine what the WWE would be like with Paul Heyman in charge? This is the man responsible for some of the greatest wrestling events of all time. He could take the WWE way out of the PG era and bring it to a new level. He could get drunk on the power and really entertain us for a while. I am ready for change. A.J. Lee has run her course as GM and it’s time to move on!

Finally, I just want to touch of the match that I couldn’t wait for tonight. CM Punk teamed up with Dolph Ziggler vs. The tag team champs Kane and Daniel Bryan, some of the most talented men in the business all in the ring at the same time. I can’t help but salivate thinking about it. It could have been epic! It was for a little bit, until, guest referee A.J. ruined it. She threw out Heyman, then Guerrero. Of course Ziggler being a minion to Vickie, he followed her down the ramp. This left Punk vulnerable and he was then hit and pinned by Kane, which means, I am sure the champ will be demanding the respect of Ziggler next week.

So, this is what I learned: jobbers are getting bolder, Punk is the Rodney Dangerfield of wrestling, A.J. ruins everything, and we are straddling a line of greatest with Paul Heyman. I have some thoughts about what I want to see happen but kiddies that is another story for another time!

For those who missed it, here’s the results for all the matches.

-Ryback defeats Tensai: Big Yawn, Ryback still undefeated.
-Team Hell No defeats Punk & Ziggler: Ziggler leaves Punk high and dry.
-Alberto Del Rio makes Kofi Tap: Uses his go to submission move for the win.
-Sheamus defeats Sandow: Solid Match, Rhodes should have caused a DQ but Sheamus got the pin anyways.
– Santino wins over Slater: Slater DQ due to the new stable having to mark their territory.
-Eve pins Beth Pheniox: Wow, Big Shock, not.
-Miz beats Zach Ryder: Haha, really I wonder if Slater has room for one more in that stable.
-Antonio Cesaro beats Brodus Clay: Neutralizer on Clay for the win. Color me, impressed.
-Rey & Sin Cara defeat Colons: Rey hit a double 619 for the pin

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