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Batista MMA/UFC Future – Brock Lesnar SHOWDOWN – WWE Champ Update & More – Dave Bautista WWE NEWS

By Jim Minkle

I sat down and finally watched Batista (Dave Bautista) throw down with that fatty over the weekend and it didn’t look good. It’s obvious that Batista slimmed down a great deal and he looked imposing with all of those tattoos and such, but when the bell rang, that rhino on the other side of the cage ran forward and clocked him. The punch wobbled him. Batista was in retreat mode and then the rhino tired and he was easy prey for the better conditioned former WWE champion.

Although Batista won, this fight proved that he didn’t belong in the cage, unless it’s the hell in the cell at the WWE. He just doesn’t have it. If a mediocrity can ring his bell, then what would a guy with some skill do?

The name “Brock Lesnar” keeps coming up now because people want to know who would “really win” if they fought. Well, I will make this simple: BROCK. Lesnar may have been part hype/part substance, but he beat some legitimate guys. He would roll over the 43 year old Batista quickly and probably win with the first shot he threw. I wasn’t impressed with how well Batista took that shot. He was seriously rattled. There is no way that he would survive 2 minutes with Lesnar.

The idea should be to return to pro wrestling. He tried MMA and didn’t do well…so move on. If he steps up the competition, they will be carrying him out.

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