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Manny Pacquiao: FLOYD MAYWEATHER JR & Why He Would NEVER Rematch Timothy Bradley – BOXING NEWS

By Jim Minkle

Timothy Bradley, 29-0, 12 KO’s, will most likely be taking on Lamont Peterson, 30-1-1, 15 KO’s, in a rematch rather than the high profile rematch with Manny Pacquiao, 54-4-2, 38 KO’s, that he wanted so badly.

Pacquiao, for the longest time, spoke of three possible opponents: Juan Manuel Marquez, Timothy Bradley and Miguel Cotto. Now, Marquez had never beaten him in three encounters, Cotto was beaten to a pulp for 12 rounds, and Bradley held a questionable win over him. So, it made the most sense to take on Bradley, since there was NO way that he would ever step into the same building with Floyd Mayweather, JR.

Timothy Bradley had two bad ankles and still did enough to beat Pacquiao (115-113 on my card), and he would beat Manny clearly this time, although there would be plenty of Manny fans with their lips attached to his junk, claiming he was robbed again. Bradley deserved the rematch and Pacquiao did not want it because he had difficulty with him the first time and that was an injured Bradley. What would happen if he was 100%? It would be the end of the Manny run. That’s what would happen. So Marquez is penciled in, in a fight that nobody gives a shit about. We’ve seen this three times before and it’s gotten old. The two choices should have been Bradley and Mayweather, JR., but Manny took the safe route.

The Lamont Peterson rematch doesn’t make a great deal of sense for Bradley, but his phone isn’t ringing off the hook with offers. Nobody wants to fight him and all of the bigger names are currently tied up. Cotto has Trout, Pacquiao has Marquez, Marquez has Pacquiao, Floyd has TBD (AKA – Not Bradley), and so on. There isn’t much for Bradley to sink his teeth into and it’s a shame. He fought courageously against Pacquiao, beat him and never got his due credit. It reminded me of when Buster Douglas beat Mike Tyson and so many said that Douglas really lost the fight. The same group of idiots is supporting Manny today.

Let’s hope that the boxing gods are looking down and gracing us with just a couple things: Mayweather vs. Canelo Alvarez and some justice for Timothy Bradley.

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