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The War of the Genesis 4: Spiral Genesis – VIDEO GAME UPDATE & NEWS

Umbra Software announced today that Softmax has licensed the Umbra 3 Rendering Optimization middleware to be used in the much-anticipated The War of the Genesis 4: Spiral Genesis MMORPG.

The War of the Genesis franchise started in 1995 and spans multiple gaming platforms with over a dozen games released in the franchise to date.  The War of The Genesis 4: Spiral Genesis is the first online MMO game of the series and retains the stylish 2D look that the franchise is known for, but using real-time 3D graphics which are powered with the help of Umbra’s latest rendering optimization middleware to help ensure a smooth frame rate.

According to Choi, Yeon-Kyu, the Chief Creative Officer of Softmax Co.,Ltd “Umbra 3 is a tremendous solution that gives us much optimized rendering performance in a game that has lots of different environments. In Spiral Genesis, Umbra 3 allows us to show a massive game world with higher quality graphics and details even on lower performance PC’s. Basically, Umbra 3 empowers our MMORPG to show diverse environments.”

“The War of the Genesis franchise is well known globally and we are proud that our technology is powering the next step of the series” said Otso Mäkinen, the Chief Technology Officer of Umbra Software.

Umbra 3 is the latest Rendering Optimization SDK from Umbra Software. It offers a dynamic and automated occlusion culling solution which is ready for the demands of next-generation videogames enabling the rendering of massive, streaming worlds with huge object counts. Umbra 3 significantly lessens the per-object processing overhead with its powerful culling system which improves rendering performance. This enables the creation of more detailed, dynamic environments and worlds for the players to experience.

Umbra 3 is being used in such games as Guild Wars 2, Alan Wake, Mass Effect 3, Dragon Age, RaiderZ as well as by developers like Bungie, CD Projekt, CCP, Sony Online Entertainment and many others.

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