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SCARY TALES Update: The Bridge Filming Complete

RSR Press Release

The latest X Posse Production: SCARY TALES (2010) continues to progress.  Geno McGahee’s anthology features four tales with a wrap around tale, bringing a high definition horror film to the fans, full of surprises and terror.

Over the last weekend, “The Bridge” segment was filmed featuring great performances by Crystal Aya Ruppert, Logan Lopez, Ed Reed III, Martin DuPlessis, Sarah Surprenant, Jamie Swimm, and Scott Day.  The weather was ideal for filming, the cast and crew were on top of their game and we are currently at the 40% mark for film completion. 

The Crew consists of Writer/Director Geno McGahee, Assistant Director/Editor Forris Day JR, Script Supervisor/Technical Director Steven Joseph Adams, David Sarioul and Neil Vermette are the grips, and Jamie Swimm, Leeann Aubuchon and Meghan Salisbury make up the special effects team. 

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