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CM Punk, Ryback, John Cena, Big Show & More – HELL IN A CELL & RAW REPORT – WWE News

By Dani Mitchell

Finally…an episode of Raw that full of excitement! It’s been awhile since we had a show with a lot of information, upsets, unexpected moments, and less filler. I was completely satisfied and I think WWE accomplished the goal of getting people psyched for Hell In a Cell this Sunday on PPV.

The show kicked off with the match of Sin Cara & Rey Mysterio vs. Team Rhodes Scholars. The match went back and forth until the end when Mysterio had used a double 619 on both Rhodes and Sandow, and I thought so predictable; it will be Mysterio and Sin Cara vs. Team Hell No… but WWE you tricky tricky show, you proved me wrong! Sandow stopped the count on Rhodes, giving him a chance to do the Cross Rhodes and pin Mysterio! It will be Team Rhodes Scholars vs. Team Hell No at Hell in a Cell. That being said, I would like to say, I wish Sin Cara and Mysterio had a tag team name so I didn’t have to keep writing out their full names, but this makes me think that maybe now that they lost, their tag team will be over and they will go back to singles.

One of the best matches of the night, or the best match I have seen in a long time was Ziggler vs. Daniel Bryan! They went hard. Neither was holding back and we got to see some old school Bryan. I can’t remember the last time I saw Daniel Bryan perform his submission holds or at least more than one submission. Bryan was the master of submissions, he was mister I can make anyone tap out, and it was almost forgotten…until tonight. It was great to see Bryan back in the game, and I really hope we see more of this guy and less of the joke. Ziggler always goes hard, he’s so talented but it is often overshadowed by Vickie’s screaming. Tonight he was on point. I didn’t see a single flaw in the whole match. This made me have faith in the future of the WWE. It proved that there didn’t need to be an extravagant storyline between 2 men, you just need to put two very talented, technical wrestlers in a ring and you can have a great match. Bravo Men.

And the award tonight for the biggest upset goes to: Justin Gabriel vs. Antonio Cesaro. Cesaro couldn’t seem to find his stride tonight. He struggled from the beginning, giving Gabriel the chance to build up momentum and get a win over the US Champion.

Tonight we also got to see Mr. Perfect’s son Michael McGillicutty. Although he lost to the new Intercontinental Champion, Kofi Kingston, you really got to see that he has something special. When I saw McGillicutty live a month ago, I thought “wow, this kid is talented…why aren’t we seeing more of him?” He really gives it his all. I hope that he gets some good feedback from the WWE universe and we can start seeing more of this future superstar.

A.J. Lee had tweeted earlier today that she was to have a meeting with the board of directors. Well, when we all read that we could pretty much guess what was coming. As you may remember the other week on Raw, John Cena asked A.J. out on a date on live television, apparently the board frowns upon this. Ms. Lee came out with Mr. McMahon and announced that because of the allegations she went on this date with Cena that she was going to resign. Paul Heyman was the first to step up and offer his services, which made me salivate. Paul Heyman GM? Yes, please. But alas, he was shot down and the job was handed over to Vicki Guerrero. BOO. Well…she is not exactly GM, she has been named as Managing Supervisor for the time being. I hate when Vickie’s in charge. We need a guy in there that can get things done, make things happen… a guy like Paul Heyman. Hey, if nothing else at least he’d be entertaining. Now, we have to listen EXCUSE ME screeching for god only knows how long.

Which brings me to the end of the night…the most epic of matches. Sheamus vs. Punk in a 30 man Lumberjack match*. It surprised me to see this kind of physical match just 6 days before Hell in a Cell. As the lumberjacks entered the arena to surround the ring, you could see how it was shaping up… heels on one side, all the faces on the others.

As the match started, Sheamus was the first to be thrown out of the ring, onto the heels’ side and nothing happened. I was honestly was thinking, wow, what a rip off. Punk was then thrown and hustled back into the ring by the faces. The next time Sheamus was thrown out of the ring, the heels attacked, and then I was satisfied. It was at that moment, Punk knew if he was going to break Sheamus down, he was going to use the other heels to his advantage…and he did.

After a brutal back and forth, it was ultimately punk that had the advantage. The heels had the champs back. When Punk was down and about to receiving a Brogue Kick, Cesaro entered the ring to stop Sheamus, then Jinder Mahal, even though they didn’t do much…they gave Big Show time to make his way to the ring to choke-slam Sheamus, who was then pinned by the Champ. The Second City Saint’s victory was short lived though, shortly after his win, “Feed Me More” music echoed through the arena.

Ryback made his way down to the ring, and though Punk tried to escape, the faces took their revenge on our beloved heel. They threw him back in the ring and let Ryback take advantage of an exhausted Punk.

Finally, Punk was able to retreat with Paul Heyman. It made you wonder what Hell in a Cell is going to be like with no escape route… will someone come to Punk’s aide if needed? Will it be another Paul Heyman guy? 6 more days and we will know for sure.

Here are the results of all the matches tonight:
-Team Rhodes Scholars over Mysterio & Sin Cara
-Ryback over The Miz
-Kofi Kingston over Michael McGillicuty
-Big Shower over Kane
-Ziggler over Daniel Bryan
-Justin Gabrielle over Antonio Cesaro
-Alberto Del Rio over Zach Ryder
*Note: Lumberjack match had 3 dozen superstars outside the ring, which was noted as the most participants in the history of Raw

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