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Britney Spears, Justin Bieber & More – WORLD GOES APE FOR AMBAM'S BIRTHDAY

It is rare that the subject of an article becomes so popular and so associated with RSR that we feel that they have a home here, but that is exactly what has happened with our hairy friend, Ambam.

When Ambam first debuted on RSR, many emails poured in, supporting this lovable ape. His kind stare prompted many of our readers to say that they felt that he touched their hearts, and when he became a familiar face at RSR, many insisted that Ambam had always been with us, but despite those rumors, we have only become aware of Ambam recently.

Through RSR and our Facebook page, we put the word out, giving the readers and fans of Ambam the platform to wish him a happy birthday. The emails were overwhelming and the response was a thing of beauty. Ambam fever has taken over the world.

Ambam, frequent in sign language has the following to say to those that have wished him a happy birthday, which included Britney Spears and Justin Bieber (reportedly). Here are Ambam’s words:


“Thank you from the bottom of my gorilla heart. To know that I have touched the hearts of so many has made me the happiest gorilla in the world. I now see life in a different view. I am no longer weary of mankind and will spread this message to my fellow apes. There will be no rise of these apes.

Thank you, thank you thank you. I am humbled by this.”


“I got some hate mail…and to you, suck my gorilla d**k!”


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