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Legendary Comedian Pat Cooper Delivers a Knockout Punch at the Borgota Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City – Entertainment News

By “Bad” Brad Berkwitt

Photos copyrighted by NewzBreaker.com

Hurricane Sandy might have been on its way, but the packed crowd who came out to see Pat Cooper, the legendary Italian comedian, who knocked them on their asses with laughter this past Friday, could have cared less about it or any other pending weather warning. In a crowd, that had whites, blacks, Jews, Gentiles, Christians, young and old, they shared one thing on this magical night: LAUGHTER.

“When I was a kid, I told my father I wanted to go on a vacation. My dad, said you want to go on a vacation? Go out on the fire escape. I did, and he closed the window. It started to rain. I called to my dad, it’s raining! He replied, I can’t hear you, you are on vacation. Today, they call that child abuse.” — Pat Cooper

Pasquale Caputo (AKA: Pat Cooper)who prided himself in an interview we did last year on having comedic timing like a jazz musician – showed just that. Jazz greats such as Duke Ellington, Miles Davis and Billie Holiday were smiling down when Pat walked off stage left at the end of his show with a roaring applause via a standing ovation.

If you have not seen Pat Cooper perform like my best friend Henry Fernandez and I did this past Friday, you are missing out….

Special thanks to Pat’s manager, Steve Garrin for a wonderful evening all around….

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