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Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers – VIDEO GAME NEWS – Xbox 360, PS3 & More

Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers is an action arcade flight simulation set in the heat of the battle of the Pacific during the Second World War. The player can choose to take control of US or Japanese squadrons and is able to switch between planes in-flight, during the mission (as opposed to the traditional “1 plane, 1 mission” constraints), offering a unique strategic element to the game-play.

It shows much improvement over its predecessor including additional features to gameplay and huge technical enhancements to vehicle models, lighting and terrain details plus an advanced particle system.

Wage exciting, high intensity aerial battles or precision bombing runs in some of the most notorious locations in aerial conflict history, as the game focuses on famous aircraft missions over the Pacific including the Battle of Midway, Pearl Harbour and the Wake Island Raids. Combining real settings with arcade gameplay, along with flight-sim and strategy elements, it features some of the most advanced war machines ever created, with every one of the 13 planes available having been meticulously re-created to give a unique feel and historical accuracy.

Take the battle online with one of the four multiplayer modes including ‘Sink the Carrier’, a unique take on traditional air combat multiplayer action, where each team is responsible for defending their aircraft carrier while simultaneously attempting to sink their opponents carrier. A well thought out strategy as to how and when to deploy your team is required in order to effectively attack and defend at the same time.

Andy Pearson, Marketing Manager at PQube commented,
Air Conflicts Pacific Carriers sets itself apart from the competition in a variety of ways – the most innovative being the ability to control an entire squadron of planes mid-battle. This is an exciting feature which allows you to switch between aircraft mid-air, to utilise in-depth strategies and techniques to outsmart your opponents”

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