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John Cena: Death, WWE SHOCKING Plans & More – WWE NEWS

By Masked Hernandez

Let me tell you something brother. When I’m hanging and banging in the blood and the mud with the boys, I know what kind of heart that it takes man. Now, this rumor keeps going around that John Cena is dead and it’s not true. I spoke to him today while on my Harley, driving up the west coast and he’s not happy about it. What if his family saw that brother?

It seems now that Cena is being lost in the mix man. What is wrong with the WWE? This guy puts asses in the seats man and he is now on the sidelines. Coming off that big win with Brock Lesnar at Extreme Rules, the sky was the limit brother, but now he is fizzling and the people want to know why. What’s your plan Vinnie Mac? What’s your plan?!

Now before you chumps start telling me about his surgery, don’t. I already know brother. who do you think was at his bedside? That doesn’t mean that they can’t use him. When Steve Austin broke his neck, he was all over RAW…just not wrestling brother. So, bring him back Vinnie Mac or you may just face this masked maniac!

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