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CM Punk: Mick Foley, Survivor Series & More – WWE RAW PREVIEW & NEWS

By Masked Hernandez

When it comes crashing down and it hurts inside, you have to take a stand, you don’t have to hide brother. CM Punk isn’t hiding man and he is ready to take on Mick Foley and his team at Survivor Series.

On November 18th, Foley takes on Punk’s team in a classic Survivor Series style match and those are my favorites man. Remember when the Young Stallions were kicking ass and taking names? Paul Roma and Jimmy Powers…they were almost as good as SD Jones brother.

Tonight on RAW, we will see some new information surface concerning the Survivor Series and perhaps even see the return of the (Not So) Young Stallions. Hey, it’s been 20 years brother. Also, we will see the Big Show strut his fat behind around with the new belt man. They finally gave him the strap man.

The show’s coming from the UK tonight…so it should be jolly good fun brother!

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