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Xbox 720 Update – LAUNCH GAMES, NEWS & MORE – Video Game News

By Vinnie Franklin

There isn’t much being said about the Xbox 720 at this point. It’s all hush hush. They are saying shhhhh…don’t say anything, but we know a little. What we know is that the Xbox 720 is going to be a huge step up from the 360 with a vast improvement in the “Kinect” technology.

The Nintendo Wii was the first to do this motion control thing. They did it with the power glove in the 1980s but it has come a long way, but according to my sources, the 720’s capabilities in testing have blown away anything that we have seen before in accuracy and the titles that are being planned around this feature are supposed to be amazing. Get ready to “play” for real.

There is persistent talk that a new HALO game will be on the launch schedule and that is a no-brainer. HALO launched the original and is an immensely popular game and is just the ticket to introduce this system. CALL OF DUTY is gearing for an Xbox 720 launch and so is 007. They are coming at us with the first person shooters…that is for sure!

The release date has yet to be released, but it is safe to say that they are going to allow the Wii U traffic to die down before they launch this bad boy. Stay tuned…more details to come!

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