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CM Punk, John Cena, Ryback & SHOCKING WWE News – RAW RESULTS & More

By Dani Mitchell

Last night on RAW, things started out with bang. The Miz had a backstage meeting with Paul Heyman. He was whining about pay, which was followed with the Survivor Series team in the ring to get a thrashing. Heyman came to the Champ’s defense, but The Miz could not be swayed. This led to The Miz quitting Team Punk and leaving a spot to fill. Heyman went into super manager mode and began his search for a replacement. Later, he was seen talking to Wade Barrett. YES! Wade Barrett who originally declined the spot, decided to accept under one condition: Heyman would be in indebted to the superstar.

This revelation made me shrill with excitement. Barrett joining the team added some depth that The Miz spot was lacking. Barrett, as the newest member, was a perfect fit for the team. Why? Who else would be perfect to face someone such as Randy Orton who is on Team Foley! It was just what they needed…another powerhouse that fits with Punk. Barrett is a champion in the making.

But alas, my excitement as well as others was short lived when Mr. McMahon came out and forced Ms. Guerrero to change things up and make a WWE title triple threat match between Punk, Cena, and Ryback. I am completely disgusted. Not only am I sick of the whole triple threat idea for a championship match (again), but again Punk is going to have to defend his title against Ryback and AGAIN again John Cena.

Why is this frustrating to me? Because we all know that the Rock will be facing the WWE champion at Royal Rumble… and I want it to be Punk. This match would be epic… but it seems as though the WWE is pushing for another Cena vs. Rock match which would be a rematch of their Wrestlemania match. I am over it. I want to see Punk take on the Rock and see something fresh and exciting… not the same stale, overplayed matches we have been seeing. This also left a spot on Team Punk which was not Team Punk anymore. The captain position was given to Ziggler. So basically after setting up this great rivalry and storyline with Punk and Foley, McMahon threw it all away for this triple threat match. Absurd!

After this announcement, I almost turned off RAW for the first time in a long time out of complete irritation… but there was going to be a tag team match between CM Punk & Dolph Ziggler vs. John Cena & Ryback. I was curious to see how it was going to play out…so I stayed tuned in.

The new Hulk Hogan…er…I mean John Cena with his 5 moves, teamed up with Ryback with his 3 moves…awesome. Of course the WWE had Cena and Ryback come out victorious….. The thing that makes me mad is when is Ziggler going to prove himself… Mr. Money in the Bank and the self-proclaimed show off, just keeps getting schooled week after week. Its obnoxious. The kid got talent, he reminds me of a young Rick Rude. He has so much going for him, yet he is left to job to people like Ryback who hasn’t proved anything. The match ended with the champ getting the shell shock and then Ziggler being slammed on top of him… which left Ryback standing in the ring celebrating his victory. Then Cena thought he would take his place in the ring along his partner to celebrate the win, only to be stared at by the monster who chanted the worst catch phrase since “You can’t see me” … “FEED ME MORE” as Ryaback stared at his so called partner.

Okay, we get it. Ryback is a loner. All he cares about is feeding his appetite. Yeah….that’s not going to get old quick…oh wait…too late. Wake up WWE universe. Look past the smoke and mirrors and search for talent… You are not going to find it in Ryback.

The only other thing worth mentioning was the fact the Referee Maddox who is at the center of the Hell in a Cell controversy spoke last night. He came out said he was working alone as a fed up “developmental talent” and was looking to prove himself as a superstar. After all the fame he has received from his role at Hell in a Cell, he demanded a contract. Which he was offered a MILLION dollar contract if he can beat Ryback next week on RAW. Okay, so clue me in… Is Ryback WWE champion? No.

Is he still undefeated? Technically, no. So why is he the Man to beat? I don’t get it. I don’t understand why everything in WWE universe is revolving around this man. Good Luck Maddox. I hope you do beat Ryback and get your contract. He’s a fresh face up and comer and I think he could have some potential as a rogue talent causing some problems for people on the roster. It would be a breath of fresh air to get some new storyline material.

Until next time kiddies. Keep Calm, and Heel on.

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