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RSR Weekly Message Board Update

Update by Mike “Rubber Warrior” Plunkett

The RSR message boards kicked into another gear altogether last week with the reemergence of George Diaz Smith after an extended leave of absence. A near iconic figure that over the last couple of years colored the happenings in boxing with rare viewpoint and insight accrued over decades of following The Sweet Science, George’s return marks the beginning of a new season of activity beyond what will transpire in the various prize rings around the globe over the next several months, and both our General and Classic Boxing forums will no doubt be all the better for it. Speaking of classic boxing, OKMike’s “Larry Holmes vs. Ken Norton Fight Poll and Discussion” is a must see for anybody that has seen this all-time classic heavyweight war. In a pitched battle with that featured discernable change in the ebb and flow over rounds, this 1978 classic went right down to the wire, decided perhaps in its closing moments by a desperate flurry of punches. A split decision verdict highlighted the start of one of the longest championship reigns ever in the heavyweight division, and more than thirty years after the fact, fans still love to hand in their version of the cards and discuss the reasons behind those views.
The RSR January Prediction League was a busy place last week despite a few bouts suddenly dropping off of the radar.

This time last week Jakeameyers held a firm lead but by midweek that advantage had narrowed to the point that others had designs on his lunch money. Currently league stalwart OKMike leads the pack with the former a few points behind, but the hard and fast reality is that this month the race is close enough so that it’s anybody’s race, and with twelve bouts left open on the roster, three of which being of the funny points variety, it’s really all up in the air. Stay tuned. For those of you that are not currently a member of RSR and would like to take part in the various forums and fight polls, or put your powers of pugilistic prognostication to the test in the soon to be posted February 2010 Prediction League, act now using the link to submit your request.

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