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Scary Tales Update: The Bully Tale Filming Complete

RSR Press Release

It was another productive weekend of filming for X Posse Productions. Geno McGahee’s fourth film “SCARY TALES,” an anthology, is at the 60% mark, on target to finish filming in the first week of October, and a mid 2011 release.

The tale “The Bully” was filmed featuring great performances by Mike Lauper, Bill Boughton, Rumual Silva, Jacob Moon, and Forris Day, JR. The filming went very well and with the special effects team, Leeann Aubuchon, Jamie Swimm, and Meghan Salisbury, the “ghoul” of The Bully looked fantastic. A special thanks to Richard Dionne and Craig Swimm for allowing X Posse Productions locations to film.

To see Production Photos, Click Here!

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