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Book Review: “Images of America” Mexican American Boxing in Los Angeles

picbookreveiwBy Dave Wilcox

Los Angeles has a long history of prize fighting and Author Gene Aguilera covers all that is Los Angeles Boxing, from the original “Golden Boy” Art Aragon to the current reincarnation, Oscar De La Hoya in this wonderful book, “Images of America” Mexican American Boxing in Los Angeles.

In the “good ol’ days” of Boxing in Los Angeles, fighters were often seen in the company of Hollywood stars and themselves were treated as Hollywood stars. Their partying was almost as legendary as their wars in the ring.

Aguilera doesn’t miss a beat in this very enjoyable trip through time. I sat mesmerized as I read through each page.

I was reminded of classic fights that I had forgotten and learned about fights and rivalries I never knew about. The Grand Olympic Auditorium, which was the home for so many generations of classic bouts in Los Angeles, was covered, as was the famous Main Street Gym. I would consider “Images of America” Mexican American Boxing in Los Angeles a “coffee table” book, as it chronicles the history of boxing in the City of Angels through rare and some previously unseen pictures with fabulous descriptions by the author. The book is 125 pages long and is a very smooth read. Once you pick the book up, it will be very hard to put it down, which it what I found in my case.

This book is not only for the Southern California fan of boxing, but for anyone who loves the greatest sport on earth.

You can purchase your autographed copy for $25.00 by writing to Gene Aguilera at:

Gene Aguilera
2323 S. Atlantic Blvd.
Monterey Park, CA. 91754

You can also order it online at: Amazon, eBay and at www.arcadiapublishing.com

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