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Packy’s World: Subway, Max Kellerman, Naked Pee – Pee Pictures of Roy Jones, JR & Sugar Ray Robinson

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PACKYS-WORLD-500x300By Packy “Boom Boom” Goldstein

Oy Vay, are you going to hear it today…What is it with the workers at Subway? Today, I took my great grandson into a Subway for lunch on Miami Beach and he orders an Italian BMT Sub. Now Irving who is 16, is very picky, but always orders the same thing. An Italian BMT Sub on Italian Bread, with no cheese, extra lettuce, light mayo and very little salt. Well, when this Putz behind the counter makes Irving’s sub, he puts very little lettuce on it though Irving said in plain English, extra lettuce. What is it with Subway workers? Lettuce is cheap and is a filler. Are Subway chains taking it out of their employees already under paid checks if they add extra lettuce?

Maybe they are overpaying that geek Jared to do their commercials and if that is the case, next time you run into his tukus on the street, kick him the bagels from Packy and yell, “here’s your extra lettuce Subway.”

Max Kellerman…. Love the bagels on this young man. Since his early days on ESPN2 when he would banter with Teddy Atlas from the studio, I knew the young boychick had something special. Today, he offers great commentary while Jim Lampley shines the knobs of every HBO fighter he can. Kellerman also offers great post fight interviews and asks tough questions, but in a respectable manner. He gets Packy’s stamp of approval.

Roy Jones, JR… Oy Vay, what the heck can one say? OK look boxing fans, Jones, JR. owned the 90’s when it came to his ring efforts, but when my wife Sadie comes to me laughing that she found a story from last year that he Texted naked pics of his Putz to some girl I would not shake my putz at, he deserves double kicks to his bagels for that dumb move. However, I am no prude here.

Naked pics of his putz are not tarnishing his boxing legacy. What is tarnishing his legacy is the fact that at the age of 46, with very little skills left, he is still fighting and at that, TOMATO CANS.

Message to Roy, COVER YOUR PUTZ UP, retire from boxing, and enjoy your HBO gig while it lasts and PLEASE stop talking in 3rd person! You are Roy Jones, JR. Oy Vay!

Sugar Ray Robinson… Al did some acting back in the day and when Ray had his dancing act, Al worked on a show that I can’t recall at this time that also had Ray on it. They bonded backstage and after the show, which I was in attendance for, Al invited me back stage to meet Ray. He was a class act and unlike Floyd Mayweather, JR. he was gracious, and never flaunted just how special he was in that coveted square ring. Floyd take notes, if you are reading this article. You can be great and you are, in the ring, but the antics outside of it, well, you kick your own self in the bagels by it!

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