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Packy’s World: Walmart, Target, Sugar Ray Leonard, The Chutzpah Award & James “Quick” Tillis

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PACKYS-WORLD-500x300By Packy “Boom Boom” Goldstein

Oy Vay are you going to hear it today….. Sadie and I went into Walmart tonight and though their prices for the most part beat all others, they fall in line with the “Check Out Counter Epidemic”. What is the “Check Out Counter Epidemic” you ask? Very simple….. You go to the checkout counter in most retail stores, but places like Walmart, Target and other big box stores are guilty of it. You go to the checkout counter and they ring up one price for an item that was actually another. OY FREAKING VAY!! The cashier looks at you like you are the bad guy. Up your tuckus from the bad guy. 

This really must stop, but it will not. I encourage all my readers to check closely while your stuff is rung up especially sales items because I bet you a bagel to a doughnut, they are ripping you off at times.

Sugar Ray Leonard… I must say, I used to watch him in the late 70’s and 80’s with Gil Clancy and Tim Ryan doing color commentary for many great fights on CBS. He did a great job and all these years later on PBC, he is doing the same great work.

Chutzpah Award… A new award in my column will be given out everytime I write one. This Chutzpah Award goes to Ian Murphy, my fellow writer on Ringside Report who was hit left, right, front and center from Floyd Mayweather, JR. fans for the most part. He states his opinion in an opinionated article and gets attacked with insults, but not logic. I am all for a good disagreement discussion, but the racial jabs and the insults, will get you one response from ole Packy, “Up your tuckus”. Good job Murphy and I read all my fellow writers work on Ringside Report.

James “Quick” Tillis…. I just watched his show with “Bad” Brad and I not only enjoyed it, it brought back a great story about my dear friend Alvin. It was the early 1980’s and Bradley was fighting as an amateur boxer out of a gym called Allen Park, located in North Miami Beach. Al always accompanied Bradley to his workout and fights. During the day, while the kids were at school, “Quick” who Al introduced me to one time, trained there under the tutelage of Angelo Dundee, another of Al’s buddies. Well, Bradley had a fight which was his 3rd fight at North Miami Beach City Hall, (now gone) and in the audience rooting him on was Johnny Lira, Young Joe Louis and of course, James “Quick” Tillis. I remember it like it was yesterday because Al was sitting with them and they were the loudest ones in the packed hall. Bradley would go on to win his 3rd fight in a row and it amazes me that was 34 years ago this year. Tillis, would come over to Bradley and you could see the true respect a world rated heavyweight and a 13 year old amateur boxer had for each other. Al was very moved by this and I was too. James “Quick” Tillis was a nice guy then and I see all these years later on Bradley’s show, he’s still one.  Warms my heart and if Al were around today, it would warm his too.

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