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Packy’s World: Joe Louis, Jake Lamotta, & Ronda Rousey Awarded The Chutzpah Award

Do you agree with Packy that Joe Louis was the greatest Heavyweight Champion of all time?

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PACKYS-WORLD-500x300By Packy “Boom Boom” Goldstein

Oy Vay are you going to hear it today… Well, RSR readers the kitchen that cost me 50k and Sadie designed is coming along nicely. She only broke my bagels once today picking out cabinets. But hey, she is the lady I have been with for 50 years, so she can break my bagels anytime she wants.

Joe LouisJoe Louis….
I met him years back at Tony’s Fish Market on North Bay Village in the 60’s with Al and he couldn’t have been a sweeter man. He had the biggest hands I have ever shook. For my money, he is the number one Heavyweight Champion of all time. What the US Government did to him was a sin and years back, HBO did a great documentary on him. We should have a national holiday for what he did for this country!

Jake Lamotta… Jake ole Jake. Years ago, Alvin and I were on Miami Beach and Jake being Jake, was pissed off at some guy in a club (name slips me for the moment) onJake 41st Street and Arthur Godfrey Road. Jake hit on a guy’s wife and when the guy went to step to Jake, Lamotta did an impression of Terry Malloy from On The Waterfront the role Marlon Brando won the Oscar for. Well, Al was in that movie, in a small extra part and turns to Jake and says, “Look Jake, you just made Brando that much more brilliant with that impression.” Jake turns to Al and says, “Good, Brando can kiss my ass he would never step into a ring with me.” Lamotta proceeds to calm down and Al as he always could, defused a situation through his funny irreverent wit. I will never stop saying that I miss my old pal Alvin.

RRThe Chutzpah Award… It goes to Ronda Rousey. I have only seen her in one fight which was her last one, but saw a special on HBO Real Sports that was done on her. This young lady is one tough cookie. She pulls no punches a trait I admire and then backs it up in the cage. She reminds of “Tough’ Tony Galento back in the day who took on all comers and lots of times, dropped them cold as he did Joe Louis in their title fight, but Joe got back up and we know the rest is history.

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