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Christy Martin Stabbed and Shot: Coal Miner’s Daughter Husband Sought

By Geno McGahee

The woman that brought female boxing to the mainstream was reportedly shot and stabbed in the torso by her husband, Jim Martin, who is now on the run from the authorities in Florida.

Martin, 49-5-3, 31 KO’s, was actually trained by her husband and would often be featured on Don King pay per view cards, bringing knockout victories, something rarely seen in female boxing.

She often was set to fight Lucia Ryker, another very popular and powerful female fighter of the time, but it was never meant to be. Martin would slap Ryker at a press conference, and the two would later be matched in a pay per view “Million Dollar Lady,” but the lack of interest from the public collapsed that super fight.

In 2003, Martin would take on Laila Ali. Ali was by far the most popular female fighter, due in large part to her father, Muhammad Ali. Laila, a middleweight, easily beat up the much smaller and older Martin, stopping her in four rounds.

Christy Martin, thankfully survived the attack, and is on the mend and the authorities will catch up with her husband Jim Martin and will deal with him properly. RSR wishes Christy a quick recovery.

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