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Timothy Bradley, Teddy Atlas, Vasyl Lomachenko, Canelo Alvarez Vs Miguel Cotto, Remembering Louis-Schmeling II and the Dallas Cowboys

timbradleyheaderBy Dave “Mythical” Siderski


I wasn’t surprised that Bradley won. However, I was stunned that the normally light hitting Bradley handed Rios the first stoppage loss of his career. On the surface, this was a very impressive win for Bradley. That said, Rios looked utterly lifeless. He, himself, seemed to realize this, announcing a teary retirement after the fight. As for Bradley, he still very much remains a factor in the Welterweight division. The new partnership between he and trainer Teddy Atlas seems to be working. Teddy is an excellent trainer but seriously needs to take a valium sometimes. That “we are firemen” rant made him look like a complete fool. Dude, this wasn’t exactly Ali-Frazier III! Save that energy for when you really need it.

Vasyl Lomachenko…

Based on Lomenchenko’s performance last Saturday, it’s hard to believe this guy has only six professional fights under his belt. Granted Koasicha was a completely overmatched but it was still an impressive performance. Vasyl is rated #14 in RSR pound for pound ratings already and I actually think this might be too low. This guy is a special fighter and it’s time to match him up with a marquee opponent. I’d love to see him against Rigondeaux in a battle of two of the greatest amateur fighters of all-time.

Canelo – Cotto…

This is an exciting matchup but, that said, falls far short of super fight status. These are not the two best fighters in their respective divisions and neither is among the RSR current top 10 p4p ratings. Nonetheless, it is one that I’m looking forward to. Canelo is an exciting fighter and has a number of very good wins on his resume. However, I can’t overlook that he failed miserably in his biggest test to date against Floyd Mayweather, JR. two years ago.

If one goes based solely on their performances against Mayweather, Cotto should be the favorite. However, Cotto is now 35 years old and well above his prime weight. Yes, he looked impressive against Sergio Martinez and Daniel Geale but let’s face it both of these guys were ready to be taken. Regardless of the result, Cotto is a certain future Hall-of-Famer. He will give a strong account of himself and provide an exciting fight. However, this will be a case of where youth triumphs over experience. Canelo wins this one by a late stoppage in the 11th round.

RSR Forum Topic of the Week…

RSR Feature columnist Roy “Sharpshooter” Bennett posted the question: “If you could sit ringside for only one fight in history, which fight would it be and why”. Boy this is a tough one! It’s hard to choose just one. Forced to make a choice, I’d have to go with the Louis-Schmeling II fight in June 1938, perhaps the most socially important event in sports history. The energy in Yankee Stadium that night must have been incredible. Louis obliterated Schmeling in two of the most brutal minutes in boxing history, exposing Hitler’s myth of racial superiority. Louis remained a national hero and went on to represent his country with honor in World War II. Unfortunately, his reward for was a lifetime of being dogged by the IRS, a gross injustice for a true American hero.

Greg Hardy, Jerry Jones, and the Dallas Cowboys…

After a promising 2014 season, the Dallas Cowboys seemed to be among the NFL’s elite entering the 2015 season. However, with Tony Romo out, the season has quickly turned into a disaster with Dallas losing 6 in a row. The Cowboys chances at the playoffs now are remote at best. Now Brandon Weeden and Matt Cassell haven’t exactly been lighting it up at quarterback. However, that said, the problems with this team go well beyond quarterback play. The Cowboys also rank in the bottom 1/3rd of the league in points allowed defensively.

The problems with this team start at the top with owner Jerry Jones. His idiotic references to Greg Hardy, as a team leader demonstrate that he simply doesn’t get it. Until Jerry Jones is willing to cede power to a strong leader who truly understands football operations, Dallas will be a hit or miss proposition from year to year.

Anyway, those are my thoughts for the week. Yes, I am aware of the chirping that’s gone on between Mayweather, JR. and Berto but I refuse to write another word about either of them. I’ve had enough of both!

Hailing frequencies out!

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