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Miguel Cotto REFUSES to be Strong Armed by the WBC and is Stripped of the Bogus Title – NEW SHOCKING DETAILS Come to Light

miguel cotto headerBy Anthony “Stacks” Saldaña

On Tuesday morning just four days before the highly anticipated Mexican Puerto Rican war and middleweight championship between Saul “Canelo” Alvarez and Miguel Cotto the WBC stripped Miguel of his titles. The WBC released the following statement.

“The World Boxing Council worked tirelessly through a process that began over two years ago to secure the celebration of the highly anticipated fight between Miguel Cotto and Saul “Canelo” Alvarez. The WBC is proud of that accomplishment that is giving boxing fans around the world a very important fight to see. After several weeks of communications, countless attempts and good faith time extensions trying to preserve the fight as a WBC World Championship, Miguel Cotto and his promotion did not agree to comply with the WBC Rules & Regulations, while Saúl Alvarez has agreed to do so. Accordingly, the WBC must rule on the matter prior to the fight.

The WBC hereby announces that effective immediately has withdrawn recognition of Miguel Cotto as the WBC World Middleweight Champion. If Saul “Canelo” Alvarez wins the fight against Cotto, he will be recognized as the WBC middleweight world champion.

The WBC’s decision is premised on the fact that Miguel Cotto and his camp are not willing to abide by the governing WBC Rules & Regulations, and the specific conditions the WBC established to sanction the fight. Simply put: they are not willing to respect the very same rules and conditions which applied to Cotto becoming WBC champion. The WBC wishes Miguel Cotto the best of luck as we truly regret the course of action which led to them taking such decision.

The WBC is a non-profit governing organization founded 53 years ago.

The WBC has implemented all of the current rules in the sport, paving the way to a much safer boxing. The WBC creates, implements and enforces, its Rules & Regulations to bring safety, order, unity, justice and equality to a sport that was marred with abuse and unfairness. Since the first day of existence of our organization, the WBC has taken countless actions for the protection of the boxer and it is a fact that most if not all boxers dream of conquering the green belt.

The WBC stands by its honorability and will not participate in the abuse of power and greediness, which has taken our boxing world to regrettable actions from different parties. The WBC wishes the promotion great success and we are satisfied that this great fight for boxing will be enjoyed by millions of fans around the world.”

This afternoon in an interview Miguel Cotto stated the reason for him losing the title was due to refusing to pay the WBC interim Middleweight champion Gennady  “GGG” Golovkin $800,000 in step aside money. As well as refusing to pay a $300,000 sanctioning fee to the WBC.

“Ask Oscar to give $1.1 million dollars to the WBC and then wait for an answer,” Cotto said. “It was $1.1 million dollars. Is that fair? No, it’s not. The organization just create…they want four champions in every division just to earn the 3% of everybody. Then we have to pay for their mistakes. It’s not fair to me.”

“Yesterday I talked to Mauricio. He had our answer before our camp started. He waited until the last moment to put pressure on us. We called him yesterday including the $800,000 dollars we have to pay to Golovkin just to step aside, I had agreed to pay them $125,000 more dollars, that was a reasonable number for me. He said that was not reasonable for them and he said ‘no’ and he said ‘you are not going to be our champion anymore.'”

“I don’t need belts. I have enough belts in my house and with $1.1 million dollars I can buy any belt I want and I can be the champion of whatever I want in my house. I don’t need a title. This fight sells by itself and everybody knows what they can expect from Saul and what kind of fight they can expect from Miguel. I kill myself and train my ass off every day with Freddie in LA and I know that I have everything to beat Canelo.”

Because of Cotto’s decision, the title is now vacant and only at stake for Canelo, 45-1-1, 32 KO’s. If Canelo wins on Saturday night, he will become the new WBC middleweight titleholder. If Cotto, 40-4, 33 KO’s wins, the belt will remain vacant and more than likely WBC interim-champion Gennady Golovkin will be elevated to the status of full champion.

These shenanigans by the WBC are a continuing problem with boxing and it’s politics. Why pull such a move four days before the fight? To get inside the head of the current lineal middleweight champion? Maybe this is a ploy to sell more PPV’s either way these types of business moves are extremely unprofessional just days before such a big fight. If what Miguel Cotto said about the GGG step aside pay situation and sanctioning fees being pressured on him yesterday, this is a prime example of the WBC strongarming it’s Champions. Another ratchet move by these horrible sanctioning bodies.

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