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Team RSR Fight Picks: Carl Froch Vs Arthur Abraham

Compiled by Mike “Rubber Warrior” Plunkett

This weekend boxing fans around the globe are treated to the next chapter of the ongoing super middleweight Super Six Tournament, and potentially the most volatile match-up of them all featuring former WBC champion Carl Froch and former IBF middleweight champion Arthur Abraham. Although they will be fighting for the vacant WBC super middleweight title, the reality is that these two warriors are gambling on a much bigger prize, a long term prize with enhanced value given the current popularity of Canadian Lucian Bute, the current IBF champion who is not a part of the tourney.

Getting through the gauntlet that this bout promises to be ensures the opportunity to move onto the next round. A win in the finals would be huge but the leverage gained would be invaluable towards setting up a super fight with Bute, a match-up that would ensure clarity, legacy and riches.

You can be certain that Froch, 26-1, 20 KO’s is determined to erase the stigma of his most recent foray in the tourney, a first career loss. Also coming off of the first loss of his career, Abraham 31-1, 25 KO’s has recently made the world known of added incentive given the his pledge to punish his vocal opponent for statements made by his girlfriend and team. Over the last couple of weeks this spectacular mesh of styles and personalities has simmered to the point of grudge match. Who will be able to inflict his will and his skills just after the first bell?

Ringside Report’s team of writers offer their expert opinions on the outcome:

Gina L. Caliboso

Since Ward vs. Dirrell didn’t happen, I’m looking forward to this matchup.  Abraham has to win this fight as much as Froch.  Froch has to fight strong from the beginning and must be aggressive in his offense.  Abraham will always go forward and bully his opponent, but when he decides to be smart about his boxing, he is quite good.  Prediction: Froch over Abraham – 12 round split decision.

Damien Norman

Carl Froch has been found out by better opposition in Mikkel Kessler and even though Froch got the decision, Andre Dirrell, but he is on a mission to get back his WBC title and has a big opportunity to do this on Saturday.

I believe Froch will win this by UD. A hard fight with lots of trading, both men will rattle one another and I can envisage a cut or two also but I am imagining Abraham gassing towards the end with Froch winning the rounds.

“Bad” Brad Berkwitt

Arthur Abraham by UD.

Joe Wilson

Good match up. Both fighters certainly knows how to win. The problem I see for Froch is, he will be tempted to trade punches with Abraham. That will be a big mistake!  Froch has lots of heart, but Abraham is definitely the bigger puncher. Abraham has a good defense and a very good chin. I predict Abraham winning this bout by KO in round 8.     

Hermilando “Ingming” Duque Aberia

Carl Froch has better tools but Arthur Abraham seems to be in a better frame of mind going into this match. Froch wins it if fight goes the distance or if it ends before the sixth round. Abraham in an upset of sorts if the fight ends between rounds 6 and 11.

Geno McGahee

Arthur Abraham will have some shaky moments, but should prove tougher than Froch and win with a late TKO, somewhere around the 10th round in a very, very tough fight.

Jeff Stoyanoff

It would seem that Carl Froch would have to reinvent himself a little to win this fight.  Dirrell offered a nice blueprint for how to handle Abraham as he used his speed and length to get off first on Abraham and then turn him so that Abraham found difficulty initiating his own offense.  Froch has the size and capability to do some of the same things, but his natural instinct as a fighter is to stand in and fire back when he gets hit cleanly and that will ultimately be his undoing.  Both Dirrell and Kessler were able to stun Froch in their fights and it seems likely that the powerful Abraham will be able to do it as well.  Froch will start off strong, but Abraham will pick up the pace in the second half of the fight and score a 12th round stoppage.

Brian Wilbur

Both guys are similar and pretty tough, but Abraham has an edge in boxing ability.  His skill should see him through a few rough patches en route to a unanimous decision.  

Mike “Rubber Warrior” Plunkett

While I have the utmost respect for both Carl Froch and the former best middleweight on the planet, I get the sense that Froch is somewhat rattled by Abraham. Call it a hunch. I believe the chemistry between them makes Froch uneasy. Adding to all of this “The Beak” has been backed into a corner off of the recent comments made by his girlfriend, statements that have served to make this a personal matter for Abraham. Froch has historically been a chance taker whereas Abraham has been more subdued until the time is right to strike. Expect Froch to move early to take those chances, out of both concern and to measure up to girlfriend Rachael Cordingly’s lofty expectations, and for Abraham to capitalize on the presented openings. Abraham by 6th round TKO.

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