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Christy Martin Stabbed and Shot: Update

By Geno McGahee

RSR was just informed that Christy Martin’s husband, Jim Martin, has been named as the suspect in the attempted murder of the former women’s champion. Orange County Sheriff’s deputies are seeking the public’s help to locate Christy’s husband.

Jim Solomons, a spokesperson for the sheriff’s office, released the following statement, “The victim told deputies she was able to get out of the house after being stabbed and flag down the motorist who drove her to the hospital. She did not realize she had been shot during the altercation.”

Jim Martin is 66 years old, bald Caucasian, and the authorities seem more concerned at this point for the well being of the attempted murder then the safety of the public. There are reported signs that Jim is suicidal and may be a danger to himself.

The former women’s champion is recovering from her injuries at this time and we wish her a full recovery. She was a fighter in the ring and I’m sure that she will be a fighter outside of it and be home soon.

RSR asks our viewers to contact the Orange County Sheriff’s office should you know the location of Jim Martin. Stay tuned to RSR for further developments.

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