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Professional Wrestler Black Jack Mulligan DEAD at 73 – Wrestling Legend Remembers His “Brother In a Speedo”

BJMBy Buddy “BRJ” Ruffin, JR.

Look my wrestling flock, if “BRJ” says it, it’s so. To say “BRJ” is sad today is an understatement. My flip up cell phone went ring a ling a ling as I rode my Harley through Coffeyville Kansas this beautiful day. When I pulled over to answer, my close buddy told me the devastating news that Black Jack Mulligan had passed. It had been a few years now since we slanged and banged off the top rope, but we still chatted from time to time.

As Mulligan, he put fear in most of his opponents with the exception of Andre The Giant. BJM wore all-black, including a cowboy hat and leather glove, and was part of the 1975 world champion tag team The Blackjacks with Blackjack Lanza.

I extend my deepest condolences to the family of Black Jack Mulligan in their time of grief.

“BRJ” has sadly left the building – Ruff Ruff…

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