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Joe Smith, JR Wins BIG with Knockout Over Andrzej Fonfara – Boxing News

smith-jrBy Dave “Madcap” Mroczek

There’s a new danger man in the light heavyweight division. Coming out of relative obscurity, Joe Smith, JR. made a massive statement by knocking out Andrzej Fonfara in the first round. Smith Jr. is a construction worker from Long Island, New York, who came into this fight with the local 66 union behind their man. Their man couldn’t have announced his arrival on the light heavyweight scene any louder. Adonis Stevenson and Sergey Kovalev, look out, because this man packs a wallop, and with a rise from being totally unknown to absolutely destroying one of the toughest light heavyweights in the world in such short and spectacular fashion, he is sure to pick up plenty of fans on his way.

The fight started out like any fight, with the two men trading some feeler shots in the middle of the ring. Fonfara focused his work upstairs, while Smith Jr. landed a couple of tagging body shots. Joe missed on a couple of wild punches, and Fonfara seemed to be gaining control. Control, however, is a mere illusion when you’re dealing with the kind of power that we now know Joe Smith, JR. possesses.

Andrzej seemed to have the upper hand when he landed a good one-two, tagging Smith on the temple, which seemed to wobble Smith, JR. slightly. Joe covered up against the ropes and Fonfara decided it was time to press the action. Wrong move. With a right hand counter punch off the ropes that landed with lightning speed, and thunderous power, he flattened the light heavyweight stalwart, depositing him flat on his back. Fonfara rose gamely, but was still badly hurt, and Joe Smith, JR. went to work, finishing him off with punishing, head snapping combinations and flattening him again, sending him falling under the turnbuckle of the blue corner. The referee called a stop to it, and intrigue heightened across America and the world. Joe Smith, JR. was a massive underdog, and fights like this are the stuff movies are made of.

Andrzej Fonfara is a solid light heavyweight, making a win like this all the more impressive. Fonfara owns wins over numerous top ten light heavy’s, and not that long ago had light heavyweight champion of the world Adonis Stevenson on the canvas in a tough challenge. He has proven himself time and time again as a top ten talent, highlighting the magnitude of this knockout. Fonfara is no bum, he is a proven commodity, and for him to get absolutely destroyed like this speaks volumes.

Joe Smith, JR. is an instantly likeable, seemingly soft spoken, construction worker from Long Island. He works full time in a union job, and has been building his career up on the side. He appeared in terrific shape, and showed some very snapping punches with tremendous power. His arms are very long and his punches look as good as anyone else’s in the division. He didn’t show much in the way of an advanced defense, but will have plenty of time to hone his skills. A performance like this is sure to win a fighter a lot of fans. A power puncher with a flair for the dramatic is always beloved by boxing fans, and we will be keen to see this man’s career play out.

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