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Tyron Woodley Knocks Out Robbie Lawler for the Title – UFC News

WoodleyBlog_900x500_1By JM “Shade” Daguio

MMA does not cease to amaze.

In an intriguing matchup of top welterweight fighters, Robbie Lawler looked to defend his title for the third time against Tyron Woodley, pre-fight analysis showed Robbie having a slight nod over with pundits but general consensus is that it’s not a Lawler landslide.

Well, Tyron Woodley proved that it was a landslide but not on Lawler’s favor.

As the fight started both fighters wade in cautiously as either fighter know each others knack to turn the lights out, Woodley attempted a right hand but Lawler intelligently ducked and clinched. The 2nd bomb thrown by Woodley though, would hit paydirt, a massive leaping in, looping right hand found its home on Lawler’s chin which removed the former champ’s legs beneath him, Woodley followed up with efficient strikes to the ground which prompted the referee to stop the fight. Lawler attempted to stand up but clearly wobbled and out of it.

Tyron Woodley is the 9th UFC welterweight champion of the world.

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