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Conor McGregor Potentially Suspended Until Early 2017 – UFC SHOCKING NEWS

Conor MBy JM “Shade” Daguio

After a brutal 5-round war against Nate Diaz, Conor McGregor emerged victorious but injured. Following a new tactic in the fight, McGregor landed a healthy dose of leg kicks on Diaz’s thighs but it may also have backfired on McGregor’s shins.”I kicked his knee clean, I think it was in the first round and then I just kept kicking so I’m feeling it now, but other than that I am perfect.” McGregor said. McGregor is medically suspended until October 20th, with no contact until October 5th. His foot and ankle must be examined and must be cleared by a orthopedic doctor. If he’s not cleared by the doctor then his suspension will extend until February of 2017.

His opponent, Nate Diaz is suspended until Sep. 20 and must have no contact until Sep. 11.

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