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Happy New Year from Ringside Report.com “The Heart of Boxing”

The year 2011 is now here and we look forward to a great year for boxing. 2010 had its ups and downs and RSR has been here all the way, reporting on the goings on and the on again/off again Floyd Mayweather, JR. – Manny Pacquiao potential showdown.

As this New Year begins, we here at RSR want to thank you for your support you have given us over the last seven years and your continued visits to our site. We hope that you remain a reader and we intend to continue to bring you the best interviews, articles, and breaking news on line.

Happy New Year from: “Bad” Brad Berkwitt, Geno McGahee, Mike “Rubber Warrior” Plunkett, Grim X, Brian Wilbur, Gina L. Caliboso, Jeff Stoyanoff, Joe Wilson, Damien Norman, Marc Anthony, Luigi Yunque, Kevin Nelson, Donald Stewart, Idris “Drees” Newton, Ben Bieker, Sam “Gonzo” Gonzales, John Q. Public, and Eric Fleming.

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