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Manny Pacquiao: Is He Still Good for Boxing? Email Bag

Hosted by “Bad” Brad Berkwitt

Hello RSR readers and welcome to yet another email bag filled with responses to an article where I talked about Manny Pacquiao and his most recent scheduled bout with Sugar Shane Mosley.  Of course some did not even read it and say I bashed Manny which is completely false.  Read the article closer and I think you might agree.

Now I do question Manny on why once again, he is letting his Promoter Bob “Match Him Soft, Make the Most Money” Arum to make a second fight in six months against an opponent who has as much of a chance of beating him as Gas prices going down to something that remotely resembles any type of sanity at the gas pumps.  I am sure many of the RSR readers around the US can relate to that…

Well, without further ado, let’s get to those serious, angry and just plain weird emails I received.

WBO is a Joke!

“Bad” Brad,

Happy New Year and your article was spot on. I could not agree with you more and the WBO is a JOKE!  Shane deserves a title shot like my mother-in-law Tessie does. Keep bringing the heat and telling it the way it really is.  I read your site and Max Boxing daily.

Robert Whittington


Thanks for writing and getting the message I was sending.  Manny is for sure P4P in my book and a warrior, but these fights are not cementing his legacy as many would have you believe.  If there are no more challenges out there for him, he should, like Lennox Lewis did, go out on top of his game.  The only fight really is against Floyd and I think at this point, it may never happen. Even RSR’s source at “Team Mayweather” has no comment and is frustrated.

DIE YOU A@@H)*#!


You are so full of it and Manny is GOD.  Who are you to question GOD?  You should die right now! Do not bash my God!!!!!!!



Well, you seem very mad, but I think you may have used a fake name.  Why do you bring God into it?  Last time I spoke with God which is during my nightly prayers, he never told me he was in fact Manny Pacquiao.  So I think your argument falls on deaf ears.  Now with that said, have a Happy New Year and I will not be going anywhere soon…

Hey There Georgie Girl…

“Bad One”,

Bronx Bruno Belzer here.  Long time no talk.  I just want you to know I found my Georgie Girl and though he/she doesn’t write for you anymore, he is writing sweet love poems to me daily.  Here is one he just wrote to share with you:

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
Georgie Girl wants to be all over you
Bruno can’t you see, I will always be, your Georgie Girl

I just wanted you to know that though he played dumb to the numerous emails I sent you and Geno over the years, he is mine and just mine!

Bruno Belzer
Bronx, New York

Wow, that is just great you reunited with your Georgie Girl, but why do you keep sending me this stuff?  Just the other day, Geno sent me your email/picture about a similar topic and it was so nasty, I cannot even share it with the readers here.  Enjoy your time with GG, but please, stop emailing me. 

Manny Pacquiao Destroys SSM


I actually want to see this fight because I am so tired of that Steroid freak Shane Mosley talking smack. Manny is going to shut him down in four.
Billy J.


Thanks for writing in. I do agree he is going to stop him and it will not be pretty.  However, I like Shane and at one time, like Roy Jones, JR. he was a fantastic fighter. But like RJJ he has fought on too long and is going to get hurt if he doesn’t call it quits.

Well, RSR Readers that’s all the time I have for the emails, but there are few others and I am sure this bag will generate a few more. I will do another one soon. Happy New Year to each of you out there and around the world…

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