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Samuel Peter: Boxing’s Version of The Biggest Loser

By Idris “Drees” Newton

Do we really need to see Samuel Peter in another fight? Do I have to be subjected to his horrid brand of brawling? Not boxing, but brawling. Peter is a disgrace to brawling, that’s how bad he is.

So he gave Wladimir some trouble (the first fight)…so did Corrie Sanders. What did he do the second time around? Can you think of a better description of that fight besides “massacre?” I can’t. You have to give me more than just one fight where he ultimately lost the bout. What has he done besides getting the hell kicked out of him, by the likes of Jameel McCline at that? Yeah, he ended up winning, but it’s Jameel McCline!

Coming off of that “Daddy, I’ve learned my lesson” style beating he took at the hands of “Dr. Steel Hammer,” you expect me to want to see him fight another man with better boxing skill and hand speed, not to mention his foot speed is much better than Wlad’s and he is twenty times quicker than the bigger men Peter is use to. Don’t forget that “Goral” is not lacking in power, and with each fight, he seems to get more acclimated with the difference in size at heavy weight. Adamek has made a seamless transition from cruiserweight, taking on the very active Cristobal Arreola who did not stray from his full attack style. Still Adamek used his faster hands and quicker feet to out position and ultimately out box Arreola. And Samuel Peter is a lesser fighter than Cristobal.

This fight is a no brainer; Adamek, who has a great chin, will not be deterred by the historically heavy handed Peter who has not really shown that his power should be feared in quite some time. It might be because he throws his punches wildly without any technique, taking the sting away from most of his shots, especially against the elite of the weight class. Peter/Adamek will be a fight won by quick hands and movement and lost by slow lunging punches and very penetrable defense (can you say flood gates).

Honestly there is nothing exciting about this fight. Maybe another knockout victory for Adamek, it might make the “overweight” division a bit more interesting. Then perhaps all the talk won’t revolve around what bum what Klitschko will destroy next in another jest of a fight. Maybe we’ll have a fourth name to insert into a fantasy tournament of really exciting heavies. Klitschko (Wlad and Vitali), David Haye and Adamek. As I would presume, most of us wouldn’t turn up our noses at an Adamek/Haye meeting. Now there are fireworks, big bombs and ferocious flurries, gut wrenching knockdown after gut wrenching knockdown, back to the heavyweight glory days.

But no, instead, we get Jean-Marc Mormeck of France, Jonathon Banks of the USA, Alexander Dimitrenko and Denis Boytsov of Russia. Who? Why? And for what?

Well one is a cruiser weight who hasn’t been relevant in a mostly irrelevant weight class for quite some time now (Mormeck). One is a former victim of the aforementioned Adamek(Banks), one lost a lopsided fight to “Fast” Eddie Chambers who later had a facelift performed on him by “Dr. Steel Hammer” (Dimitrenko) and last but not least, the only man in this tournament who shows any promise (Boytsov), although he hasn’t fought anyone so he will most likely be another bust if he were to win and be awarded a shot at Wladimir Klitschko. Yes, that’s is the grand price (to pay)…I mean prize.

Since this is an IBF sanctioned tournament the winner will be thrust into the spotlight of a title bout with Wlad (IBF, WBO, IBO and Ring Magazine Champ), as if we don’t already know the outcome. “I mean, come on. COME ON!!!”-Gob Blueth (Arrested Development). I love that show.

Four guys, virtual unknowns, in a heavyweight tournament, what is it suppose to accomplish? Certainly not what the Super Six is for the 168 division and boxing as a whole. Wait, did you (International Boxing Federation) really think those guys, those names would bring fans, bring excitement, bring money or even a general yawn back to the “Overweight” Class?

I find it completely incomprehensible that this is your best plan, that these are the best names you could’ve come up with to bolster the fading heavy weight tradition. The sinking heavyweight ship, two great champs, one good and exciting champ and one good would be champ, both from one division south of heavy. These are all that’s left for us (the fans) to keep our eyes on, to keep our respective breaths held for. Trust me setting up the lion (Klitschko) for feeding time with these four lambs (Mormeck, Banks, Dimitrenko, Boytsov) led to slaughter is not what we the fans meet at the proverbial water cooler to discuss.

So on behalf of, well everyone who calls him/herself a boxing fan, please end the negotiations with each of these fighters and find better ones or just scratch the whole entire venture because we won’t watch and we won’t care. But that never seems to matter with you sanctioning sods. These pseudo contenders in waiting, “Always a Brides maid, never a bride”, I can’t be the only one who sees this as a slap in the face, a big “F You” from everybody at IBF. I’m hoping this is just another rumor and it doesn’t come to fruition because concordantly at the end of it all lays just another patient for “Dr. Steel Hammer”

How about, we try something different; we make bouts that matter, where the outcome isn’t preordained, where we aren’t all made to feel omniscient by this ability to call the fights without even watching. Another Klitschko W, another win for David Haye, another stepping stone for Adamek, what else is new. I tell you with all honesty, I am praying my head off and heart out that we all get to see Haye/Adamek versus a Klitschko Brother. This would have to be the 1st time in a very, very long time that two heavies were in the ring that didn’t look bloated and out of shape, bringing to mind something more akin to an episode of “The Biggest Loser”.

Adamek over Peter in a one sided contest, and (if there is a Boxing God) on to Klitschko( Vitali, who will undoubtedly dispatch Odlanier Solis) and one hell of a fight.

Let’s bring the Heavies back. Pretty Please!

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