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The Miz Vs John Morrison: Shocking RAW Results

By Kevin Nelson

RAW took place in Phoenix, Arizona, Monday Night.

The action picked up right away with the WWE title on the line as the Miz was facing number one contender John Morrison in a falls count anywhere match. As much as I have been a fan of The Miz due to the intense hatred he receives from the fans, his title reign has all but been a joke.

From winning the money in the bank and cashing it in against a beaten down Orton, to having to cheat to defeat Lawler of all people, to actually being pinned by him, the Miz is sorely lacking credibility as champion, but on this night, in a highly entertaining bout, he defeated John Morrison to retain the title.

In a great match to kick start RAW.

After that match, there was a divas six woman tag team match as Divas Champion, Natalya, and the Bella Twins faced Melina, Maryse and Alicia Fox. After exchanging some painful slaps over the last few weeks between each other (Natalya and Melina), they would finally meet in the ring.

As the match kicked into tempo, the twins pulled a switch and the referee not noticing a thing of course as eve managed to pin Melina for the victory. In a non title match, Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov (Tag Team Champs) faced the Usos twins. The twins soundly defeated the champs and served notice that they are true number one contenders for the tag team titles.

Wade Barrett would confront C.M Punk as to whom the leader of Nexus is, and as they bickered, the anonymous RAW GM announced that there would be a triple threat match with Wade Barrett facing King Sheamus and Randy Orton in a steel cage match.

Barrett agreed that if he did not win he would be banished from Nexus. Alberto Del Rio next announced that in 4 weeks he will be winning the royal rumble and R truth confronted him and the two fought with Del Rio getting the victory over R Truth.

The main event was next as Randy Orton, King Sheamus and Wade Barrett squared off in a 15 foot steel cage match.

As the action went back and forth with each of the contender seemingly closer to a victory, Wade Barrett gained the upper hand and seemed on his way to victory as C.M. Punk jumped up on the cage and offered his hand to help Barrett. As he reached for his hand, Punk pulled the Nexus armband off and shoved Barrett down as Orton now gained momentum and snagged the victory by getting through the door and being declared the WWE number one contender to The Miz.

Raw aftermath:

This past week’s episode of RAW exhibited a very good matchup between champion and challenger and the beginning of another feud between Punk and Barrett. Let’s not forget John Cena returning next week so Punk seemingly has an endless amount of enemies.

As he is now the new leader of the Nexus Punk reminds me of a throwback like Rowdy Piper in that it doesn’t matter what he does he still seems to have fan support.

I also believe he is breathing new life into raw and we are seeing some compelling storyline emerge.

Here’s hoping the WWE powers that be don’t screw this up!

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