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Shawn Michaels Shocker & Nexus Beatings on RAW

By Kevin Nelson

This week’s edition of RAW took place in Nashville, Tennessee, with the Tag Team Champions Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov set to supposedly have a match when the group of Nexus attacked them and threw them out of the ring.

Following that, CM Punk announced that as the new leader of the Nexus, things were going to be run differently. He then announced an initiation of every member of Nexus. That they were going to feel the pain of the beatings the Nexus deal out and go through a series of tests to determine if the members are going to remain in the group.

First up was Mike McGillicutty. He was beaten up by all the members followed by the leader CM Punk who delivered the finishing move the GTS as that move would knock him out and Nexus would carry him out of the ring.

Punk also announced that we will no longer see John Cena anymore, and hat he had finished him. He also assured the members of Nexus that he would be initiated as well much worse than the others his initiation would be.

The next match featured Alberto Del Rio facing R Truth in a rematch of a couple of weeks ago when Del Rio won by submission. Del Rio has said that in two weeks, he will win the Royal Rumble and become the next big superstar in the WWE.

The match would end in a count out as Del Rio’s announcer distracted R Truth fighting outside of the ring. With the opponent distracted Del Rio managed to beat the count of ten to win the match.

The next initiation took place as Husky Harris endured lashings on the back from all the members of Nexus. Harris screamed in pain from each of the lashings.

Punk announced that Harris was worthy of remaining a member as he proved his worth. After that, Michael Cole had his announcement from the RAW GM that stated that Cole is and I’m paraphrasing, good at what he does the best in the business and Lawler interrupted him to say that “anyone in their right mind knows that no one but Cole would say that.”

Cole received a message from the RAW GB that Lawler and Orton were to face the Miz and Alex Riley in a tag team match. I don’t know why Lawler is wrestling again in the main event.

The next initiation with the Nexus involved Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel refusing to take part in hitting each other with a kendo stick and opted to just walk away altogether. The next news was from the raw announcers Cole and Lawler saying that the announcement of a hall of famer being inducted was Shawn Michaels.

Michaels would come out to his famous girlie song and than be interrupted by Alberto Del Rio only to get a sweet chin music for his efforts. While we are talking about future hall of famers, I have to ask the question: What did The Macho Man Randy Savage do to Vince McMahon to not go in the hall of fame? If we can see Bret Hart, who famously punched the boss in the face, why not the Macho Man in the hall of fame?

The next initiation had CM Punk standing on top of the 50 foot Titantron. Everyone thought he would jump but instead he criticized everyone and said how stupid they are. Once he was able to get down, thanks to a harness, he said he did not have to go through an initiation because he was the one leading Nexus.

Suddenly, Cena appeared on the Titantron and challenged Punk to a match on RAQ next week and Punk accepted. The anticipated main event with Lawler and Orton vs. Miz and Alex Riley happened with the Miz walking away in the match after Orton hit the RKO on Riley for the win.

Raw aftermath:

After seeing the Nexus initiation, one has to wonder if the WWE is deciding to go back from the G to PG rating in its programming.

Another question with the WWE terrible at presenting tag team matches, why is Lawler and Riley in main events? The most important thing in wrestling is the fans are they getting there money’s worth. Seeing awful main events with no real interest in what happens? What will happen to Wade Barrett, the ex leader of Nexus?

Stay tuned for another edition of the raw recap.

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