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Charles Manson: The Upcoming Release from Prison

By Geno McGahee

Charles Manson, now 75 years old, is one of the most infamous criminals of all time, inspiring countless books and several movies, and, amazingly, still getting followers and groupies to this day. Many beg for his release stating that he never killed anyone, but most failing to realize that coordinating the mass murder is also a crime.

There has been some news just in concerning a potential release from prison. Now whether that happens or not is yet to be seen, but the odds seem to lean against it.

Patricia Krenwinkel, one of Manson’s two remaining female followers has spent forty years in prison and is now up for parole, something that has not been granted to any of the others involved in the Sharon Tate murders.

The Parole Boards typically cite the callousness of the group in regards to the murders, and according to documents, many of those involved with the murders contended that they were somewhat joyous over the fact and would brag to other inmates about the thrill of the kill and their leader, Manson.

Krenwinkel’s release is a long shot at this point considering the magnitude and popularity of the murders. The public backlash would be quick should she be released, but it will be up to the board in California.

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