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Trey Lippe Morrison Discusses His New Boxing Trainer, Return to Boxing, Deontay Wilder & More…

Exclusive Interview by “Bad” Brad Berkwitt

“Things are going great! Absolutely perfect!”–Trey Lippe Morrison

Trey Lippe Morrison is a young man that I have had on “The “Bad” Brad Berkwitt Show” and have interviewed several times on Ringside Report. Each time, he displays humility, appreciation, and a burning to take his boxing career as far as it can possibly go. With those attributes, it’s a no brainer why this young heavyweight prospect with a record of 13-0, 13 KO’s is truly loved by his diehard fans around the world.

Come this March, Morrison makes his much-awaited comeback to the boxing ring and from our interview, he can’t wait!

BB: Late last year, you made a big move in your boxing career when you left Freddie Roach at the Wild Card Gym and moved East to Annapolis, Maryland to train with Tommy Virgets, who was also your dad’s trainer. How are things going and what are the top three major differences in his training style and Roach’s?

Things are going great! Absolutely perfect! I’d say the 3 major differences are 1. I’m getting constant 1 on 1 time and feedback. I’m the only guy Tommy is training so he is devoting all his time to me, which is exactly what I needed. So, I’m getting better every day. 2. Tommy is the athletic director at the Naval Academy here in Annapolis. So, I get access to everything facility wise, such as weight rooms, the knowledge and help of the strength coaches, tracks, boxing gym, personal trainers for healing, and recovery.

3. Tommy Virgets himself, he’s like a Nutritionist, Doctor, Trainer and Strength & Conditioning guy all in one. Any questions I have, he has the answers. He’s a true teacher of the sport of boxing, so if I’m wrong somewhere he can fix it right then and there!

BB: I saw on FB recently you announced an upcoming fight in March. What can you tell the RSR readers about this fight?

All I know is it’s on March 9th in Deadwood South Dakota. Nothing else…

BB: I also saw on FB that one of your diehard fans got a tattoo of you on his chest or was it stomach? I was on the floor when you told him, “that is one sexy tattoo!” Were you shocked to see it?

The guy’s name is Bob Dover and he got the tattoo on his ribs. I have been talking to Bob since I started boxing. He was a huge fan of dad’s and now he is a huge fan of myself. He owns a tattoo shop in Colorado Springs and he gave my dad an Elvis Presley tattoo. I was surprised, yes when I saw he did that, but honestly it gives me huge motivation an drive to become the best I can be.

BB: It’s been how long now since you had the hand injury? How has it progressed in the healing process?

I’ve been out of the ring for 1 year and 3 months, I think it’s been like 10-12 months since I’ve had the hand surgery. It’s been a tough healing process in trying to gain full flexibility in my finger to make a full fist. It’s good now, but I’ll always continue to work on it to try and make sure it won’t happen again.

BB: Did you see recently where Deontay Wilder said he would beat a 1986 Mike Tyson? What are your thoughts on that?

In my opinion I think Deontay Wilder is really good, he is awkward and wild but it works for him. But I don’t think he’d of beat a prime Mike Tyson.

BB: OK everytime we sit down to talk, you always have a new figure in your growing toy collection that all the nerds who may read our interview, get a kick out of! What is your latest acquisition?

I do! And I actually had 2 new ones come in yesterday! Pretty pumped about it! I have all the DBZ S.H. Figuarts so now I just get the new ones as they are released. The newest ones that I just got yesterday are Yamcha an Tien.

BB: I also noticed your pup Clarke made the trip East! As you are freezing your balls off, how is she adjusting to the cold ass weather?

Clarke freaking loves it! Cold weather isn’t affecting her at all! There’s actually grass here in Maryland and the place I stay at has a fenced in back yard so she loves having easy access to being able to go outside and play. Back in California we had to go down 7 flights of stairs and she only had concrete to walk on. We both hated California!

BB: We are both movie lovers! What is your newest recommendation for the RSR readers to check out?

I haven’t seen any new movies in a while! Just been binge watching TV shows on Hulu an Netflix! But the shows I’ve been watching are The Good Doctor and This Is Us. Also, been binge watching a show on Hulu called Private Practice, it’s old but I haven’t seen it so I’m watching now.

BB: In closing, what would you like to say to all your fans who have rode the ups and down of your boxing career thus far and truly support you?

I just like to say “thank you” for continuing to follow my career and stay interested! I’m sorry I’ve been out for so long, but I never let up 1 day and trained every day I’ve been out. Finally got a fight coming up and I think everyone will like what they see! I’m nothing without these great people and fans! They make me who I am. Along with God, they are part of my motivation that drives me in becoming the best I can! The wait is now over and they are going to love what they are going to see. I’ve stayed working.

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