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Packy’s World: Muhammad Ali, Rocky Graziano, Marvin Hagler, My Pal Al, & The Chutzpah Award Posthumously Goes to Humphrey Bogart

By Packy “Boom Boom” Goldstein

Oy Vay are you going to hear it today… Bradley, how is that snow going for you? Snow today, snow tomorrow, snow sure makes it cold for you huh? Don’t worry boychick, Sadie and I had a cold one today of just 75 degrees. Alright, I will not rub it anymore! Let’s get to some boxing.

Muhammad Ali… I have been watching some of Ali’s fights from the early 70’s and what he brought to the sport of boxing during his career, has enabled boxers today at the top, to make the huge money they do. So, young boychicks, you owe Ali a great deal of gratitude.

Rocky Graziano… Al introduced me to Rocky years back on Miami Beach. What a gent and funny man he was. On top of all that, he was tough cookie in the ring. Sinatra loved him too!

Marvin Hagler… I saw Bradley talk about Hagler on a recent RSR Video Email Bag Show being his number one rated middleweight of all time. I fully concur, and at 1B, Carlos Monzon. We will never see the likes of these highly skilled champions in the square ring again.

My Pal Al (“Bad” Brad’s Father)… Let me throw some names out at you. Beau Jack, Kid Gavilan, and Rocky Graziano to name just a few. What do they all have in common? Al knew each one and they loved him! He also introduced me to these giants of the sport of boxing and we had some great times and laughs!

The Chutzpah Award… The Chutzpah Award posthumously goes to Humphrey Bogart. He was a true acting giant, took no crap and never dialed in a film performance!

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