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RSR Boxing Results: Carlos Tamara KO’s Brian Viloria

By Gina L. Caliboso

According to news reports, Brian “Pinoy Punch” Viloria, 26-3, 15 KO’s, collapsed after losing his IBF Light Flyweight Title to Columbia’s Carlos “El Olimpico” Tamara, 21-4, 15 KO’s.  At 1:45 in the 12th and final round, Referee Bruce McTavish stopped the fight.

Local media reports that once Viloria was in the locker room, he collapsed and was immediately rushed to the hospital.  There have been no updates to Viloria’s condition.

Going into the bout, Viloria was the favorite.  Although raised in Hawaii, Viloria is still considered as part of a strong wave of native Filipino boxers.  After a brief period if whether he should remain a boxer, Viloria fought his way back to become the IBF Light Flyweight titleholder.  But on this night, Tamara gave Viloria a much needed challenge and defeated him with a TKO in the 12th round.

According to news reports, Viloria started the fight strongly.  From rounds 1 through 6, Viloria put on a strong attack against Tamara.  Viloria attacked from the outside and made strong punches to Tamara’s body once the two fought inside.  But Tamara stuck with Viloria.  As the fight continued, Tamara worked off an attack with his jab and kept Viloria at bay.  Tamara was able to use his jab and set up body-head combinations that took a toll on Viloria.

As the fight continued, Viloria could not keep pace with the strength and amount of Tamara’s punching power.  By the middle rounds, Tamara was simply outpacing and outworking Viloria.  By rounds 9 and ten, Tamara was punishing Viloria.  Viloria remained in the fight but could not match or keep pace with Tamara.  Viloria continued to take more of a beating in the 11th round.  Viloria never once got knocked down throughout the fight.  It was painfully clear to Referee McTavish that by the 12th round, he needed to step in and stop the fight. 

As the new IBF Light Flyweight titleholder, Tamara now ranks #1 among light flyweights.  Viloria now ranks #6 in the weight division.

And, for now, my heartfelt prayers and thoughts go out to Viloria. 

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