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Cannon TV Show Series Review (1971 – 1976): William Conrad Brilliantly Plays Private Eye

By “Bad” Brad Berkwitt

From 1971 – 1976, there was a magnificent TV show called Cannon that starred the late William Conrad as the rotund ex-cop who is now the head of his own private detective company. Each week, Cannon would take on a new case that would ultimately lead to him solving it in a meticulous way.

As a young child, growing up in the 70’s, my late father, who I adored, watched this show each week with me and we both loved it. More recently, Debbie and I relocated to Indiana and I found a channel called ME TV which airs the old episodes of Cannon. As an adult, I actually love the show even more because I see things that a young child would miss.

For example, Conrad played Cannon with such compassion, but also, he was very tough when he needed to be. In addition, he was quite the flirt and constantly poked fun at himself for being so heavy in weight. You can see Conrad really brought many of his own qualities as a man to the role.

In a day where Hollywood has very few original ideas, it’s so refreshing to go back to shows like Cannon, that had great acting, writing and many times, social and human issues intertwined into the storylines.

This is a MUST WATCH series…

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