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Mannix TV Show Series Review (1967 – 1975): Mike Connors Plays Suave Private Eye

By “Bad” Brad Berkwitt

Yesterday on Ringside Report, I reviewed Cannon, the private eye TV show that starred the late William Conrad. During Cannon’s same time run, private eye TV shows were the rage and Mannix starring the handsome Mike Connors, ran on CBS for 8 years from 1967-1975. This is another show from my childhood that both my dad and I watched together and thoroughly enjoyed. Each week as in Cannon, Mannix took on a case where he had to solve by the shows end. Connors was suave, compassionate like Conrad was as Cannon and of course, like Frank Cannon, Joe Mannix had a car phone. Very cool for that time in TV history!

Mannix’s Gal Friday was the black actress, Gail Fisher (joined the show in season 2) who was not only very pretty, she held her own opposite Connors in the acting department which during that time, it was very rare to see a black face on TV let alone, in a co-starring role each week.

In a day where Hollywood has very few original ideas, it’s so refreshing to go back to shows like Mannix, that had great acting, writing and many times, social and human issues intertwined into the storylines.

This is a MUST WATCH series…

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