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Packy’s World: Screw Canelo “Meat Beater – Cheater” Alvarez, Joe Louis, Muhammad Ali, My Pal Al, & The Chutzpah Award Goes to Bill Maher


By Packy “Boom Boom” Goldstein

Oy Vay are you going to hear it today… We have that putz in the White House running off at his mouth that needs three poppy seed bagels shoved in it along with some Lox. But on a brighter note, we have had a lot of great boxing here lately. Let’s get to some talk about the sport we all love.

Canelo “Meat Beater – Cheater” Alvarez… Bradley and I spoke earlier today and he filled me in on all the crap going on with Alvarez and his cheating. Listen, in my day, sure boxing was dirty, but the fighters didn’t juice. If I had my way, Alvarez would be banned for life and any other fighter that cheats would too! End of story…

Joe Louis… I met Joe through Al back in 1955 on Miami Beach. He was by far, one of the sweetest men I have ever met. Louis loved Al and one of Joe’s hand, could cover my face. RIP Champ!

Muhammad Ali… In two days we lost “The Greatest” two years ago. It still saddens me that he is gone. Another who Al cracked up back in our early Miami Beach days when a then young, Cassius Clay tried to sell Al his car.

My Pal Al (“Bad” Brad’s Father)… One month from today, it will be the 20th anniversary of Al’s passing. To say I miss my pal Al, is truly the understatement of the century. He left an indelible mark on this world. When I see Bradley’s fight against racism on his show and in our talks, in a way, it’s like Al never left. He was by far, the most amazing man this old Jew knew and he loved our sport of boxing and its warriors, who he knew many of.

The Chutzpah Award… The Chutzpah Award goes to Bill Maher. Ballsy? Sure… A little meshunga? Sure… Honest to his truth? Always… We need more Maher’s and less others in this world.

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