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Packy’s World: Errol Spence, JR Is the Future of Boxing, Yaqui Lopez, Alexis Arguello, My Pal Al, & The Chutzpah Award Goes to Al Pacino


By Packy “Boom Boom” Goldstein

Oy Vay are you going to hear it today… Hold your bagels RSR readers. Yes, I am doing back to back days of “Packy’s World” since my pain in the tukus, Sadie is up in Boca Raton with the great grand kids and I have time to write. Before I do, let me ask Bradley this. Did Debbie spend some more of your clams on yet, another upgrade in the house boychick? Let’s get to some boxing.

Errol Spence, JR… This young man is the face of boxing. Spence, JR. will without any doubt, rule from 147-160 as he moves up in weight.

Yaqui Lopez… What can you say about this warrior? Thrilling to watch and a very nice man too boot!

Alexis Arguello… If fighters today had ½ of his talent and ½ of his class, boxing could mirror the days “The Explosive Thin Man” ruled the ring.

My Pal Al (“Bad” Brad’s Father)… In 8 days, it will be 36 years ago Al and I watched Larry Holmes Vs Gerry Cooney on CC. That was a huge fight. Holmes didn’t deserve the BS he had to deal with, but he handled his business in that ring stopping a game Cooney in the 13th round when fights were 15 rounds kiddos!

The Chutzpah Award… The Chutzpah Award goes to Al Pacino. Al is a legendary actor as we all know, but he has done plenty for young actors on top of cementing his career over almost 50 years on the big screen.

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