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America In Crisis: The Wrongful Imprisonment of Migrant Children


By Danielle Sobelman

When I was watching the Secretary of Homeland Security, Kristjan Nielson on television yesterday attempting to justify separating families, I wanted to cry. The coldness in her voice disturbed me. How can this woman stand there and state that the Democrats are responsible for this? Then Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, stated if the Congress agreed to this wall that Trump wants, this humanitarian nightmare will come to an end. I can’t believe that Donald J. Trump is hiding behind a nonexistent law to justify the systematic child abuse of children.

He is using these children as bargaining chips to gain what he wants. He blames the Democrats in hopes to show that they are the bad guys and to use this tactic in hopes to maintain the power he stands to lose if they win big in November. Trump is running scared because of the things he has done will come to light. How un-American this administration is.

Secretary Nielson’s White House Briefing was a disgrace. As a woman and a mother, I was disappointed on her insistence to double down on their response to this human rights crime. If these were her children in this situation she would fight like hell. I am so proud of White House correspondent April Ryan for repeatedly asking Nielson are these children being used as bargaining chips even after Nielson tried to deflect from answering the question completely. April Ryan will be in history books as a great American hero for her continued efforts not to back down against the tyranny of the Trump administration.

The imagines of the child standing there not being able to be consoled for simply missing her mother breaks my heart. The staff in these detention centers are being told that they must take care of these children’s basic needs but are not allowed to console and comfort them. What they are doing will negatively affect these children’s childhood development. As Americans, we need to wake up to end this systematic child abuse of these children. To me, this is a humanitarian crime and the Trump administration should be brought up on charges at The Hauge for this. Donald J. Trump and his administration should be held accountable like any other nation.

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