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Lindsay Lohan Shocker: Back To Prison

By Geno McGahee

The troubled actress, Lindsay Lohan, has a new deal of trouble to cope with, as a Los Angeles jewelry story has claimed that she walked away with a $2,500 dollar necklace without paying.

Prosecutors are currently reviewing whether to file formal charges against Lohan, although the necklace has been returned to a police station.

“We vehemently deny these allegations and, if charges are filed, we will fight them in court, not in the press,” attorney Shawn Chapman Holley noted in a statement. Lohan has been in a lot of legal hot water, rehab, and this new news isn’t helping her reputation. Because of her prior actions and reputation, many close to the situation are screaming: “Guilty” but the chances of her serving any time over this matter are slim.

Lohan is currently on probation for her 2007 drunk driving offense, and it is possible she could be locked up again for this incident.

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