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Donald J. Trump Talks Like a Racist Because He Is a Racist!


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By Jason J.G. Gamble

Face the facts America! Your President is a racist and it is time to stop making excuses for his obvious bigotry. Stop calling his statements controversial or misinformed and let us face reality. If he talks like a racist and unapologetically defends his views then there should be no denying the truth. Trump is a racist. All you have to do is listen to Trump’s own words and put them in context. Here are 10 reasons you cannot deny Trump is racist:

1. Trump began his journey in politics by starting the racist Birtherism Conspiracy that the first Black President was a Muslim not born in America. To add further insult he refused to apologize, but during his campaign he conveniently stated that President Obama was born in America however he refused to explain why he changed his mind.

2. When speaking about Mexican immigrants he has stated that they are not sending smart people. To quote him, “they are sending rapists.” This is despite the fact that every university study has shown that immigrants are less likely to commit crimes.

3. Trump refused to denounce David Duke and initially said he did not know who he was even though footage emerged of Trump talking about David Duke during Duke’s attempted run for President.

4. In the wake of the riots in Charlottesville he referred to white supremacists as “Very fine people.”

5. Trump referred to counter protesters and white supremacists as though they are morally equivalent.

6. Trump purchased full page adds in New York newspapers asking for the death penalty for the Central Park Five and even after DNA evidence proved that these young men were innocent he still said their release from prison was a crime.

7. Trump said a Mexican American judge could not be impartial simply because he had Mexican heritage.

8. Trump attacked black NFL players for kneeling and said “fire those sons-of-bitches.”

9. Trump referred to Haiti and African countries as “shit hole” nations and immediately suggested America should have more European immigrants.

10. Trump has also mentioned, cursed out and thrown out numerous people at his rallies leading up to his election as President.

To anyone that is still in doubt I challenge you to go to YouTube or any other video archive and listen to his words. Let’s stop sugarcoating the issue or making excuses. The man is a racist and if you don’t understand that by now maybe you need to take a long look in the mirror. Trump is adding to the division that already existed in the nation, but the thing that makes him dangerous is he has emboldened racists. His rhetoric has made overt racism normal in America again and until we collectively say, “no more”, than it will only get worse. Remember our collective rise is the demise of injustice.

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