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Ringside Report Looks at TV Show Schitt’s Creek


By Geoffrey Huchel

Chances are during a daily channel surfing session, you may have stumbled upon this very funny show; but if you haven’t, you are certainly missing out on one of the best shows on television today. Schitt’s Creek, created by the father and son team Eugene and Daniel Levy, who co-star and serve as writers and producers.

Schitt’s Creek explores the lives of the wealthy Rose family: Johnny Rose (Eugene Levy), a wealthy video store magnate, his wife, Moira, (Catherine O’Hara), a self-absorbed and formerly successful soap star, and their pampered and overly dramatic adult children, David (Daniel Levy) and Alexis (Annie Murphy).

In the show’s pilot episode, “Our Cup Runneth Over”, the Roses’ world is turned upside down after the family’s business manager fails to pay their taxes, resulting in being forced out of their mansion, stripped of their belongings and left with just one asset: a small town called Schitt’s Creek, which was bought as a joke years prior. With no other options the Roses have to regroup without the privileged lifestyle they’re accustomed to.

Upon their arrival, the Rose’s certainly don’t start off on the right foot with the locals, Mayor Roland Schitt (Chris Elliot) and Stevie (Emily Hampshire), a wisecracking motel desk clerk. In true Rose fashion Johnny asks for a suite but his request is immediately turned down by Stevie, who informs him that it’s a motel, there are no suites. With the motel being full they have to share two adjacent rooms, which prompt Moira, who is obviously irritated by this point, to interject the hysterical line, “I just want a bathtub and a long extension cord!” Once in the room David and Alexis immediately start bickering over who gets what bed. It’s at this moment where we first see the love-hate relationship between the two. After a day of settling in to their new residence, the Rose’s turn in for the night. Over voiceover, we hear each family member say “goodnight” to each other, and then, a despondent Moira declares, “Let’s all pray we don’t wake up.”

Despite their superior personalities and their warped views on life, these characters are actually very likable. That’s a credit to the actors. They each give their respective character a quality that plays off as funny, quirky and interesting. A major component to the show is the dynamic chemistry of the four leads; combining that with the supporting characters, the witty dialogue and the outrageous plot lines, it conjures up the perfect mixture to what makes this show so enjoyable and binge-worthy.
Seasons 1-4 are streaming now on Netflix. Look for Season 5 coming soon to POP TV.

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