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Thank You Special Counsel Robert Mueller!


By Danielle Sobelman

If you are wondering why I am saying thank you Special Counsel Mueller it’s because he is methodically making American history by bringing down one of the worse criminals of all time, President Donald J. Trump. It actually makes me sick to the stomach calling this admitted criminal president.

Many of us are very eager for Mueller to bring a swift end to the worse presidency of American history, but the way he is doing so will have lasting effects. He is making sure that the evidence is sound. Mueller is ensuring that the American people won’t have any doubt of the guilt of Trump.

Within the last couple of days, Michael Cohen admitted he on the behalf of Donald Trump paid hush money to two ex-mistresses and that the President was aware that the Russian hacking of the DNC was going to occur in open court. Also, longtime friend David Pecker was granted immunity to corroborate Cohen’s claim McDougal stories. Pecker, who is the CEO of the company of the National Inquirer was a very keen to help bring down the President. After all, Pecker most likely has the keys to of all the secrets that Trump holds. I bet the skeletons in that closet are rattling hard.

Also, the conviction of Paul Manafort was another major blow to Trump. I am waiting with baited breath for Trump to pardon Manafort. Manafort’s attorneys were so confident that Trump was going to pardon him that they didn’t even call any witnesses. That is Manafort’s fatal mistake because Trump won’t pardon him because Trump is all about saving himself. Pardoning Manafort would make him look guilty and Trump doesn’t want any more additional heat. Even if he did pardon Manafort, it won’t help because Manafort will be up on trial for state charges in which a president can’t pardon anyway. So, eventually Manafort will flip because he will face the reminder of his natural life in prison and since Trump isn’t loyal to anyone, he will have to save himself in order to secure a lighter sentence.

We must understand the best must come to those who wait. The American people will get their day of justice against the criminal organization of Donald J. Trump and his administration.

As Americans, we will prevail and once again thank you Robert Swan Mueller III. You have always been a loyal public servant and believe you continue to do so. I believe at the end of the day the truth will set us free!

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