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Floyd Mayweather, JR Vs Manny Pacquiao II – Really?


By Tyler “Miracle Man” White

Floyd Mayweather, JR. Vs Manny Pacquiao II – do we really want to see it?

The honest answer for most boxing fans is, quite simply, no.

When the two fighters met back in 2015, what unfolded was in all honesty, a sub standard spectacle that left fans dreaming of what could have been.

Ultimately, the fight that happened when both future hall of fame fighters met, had come several years too late.

After their fight in May of 2015, the majority of boxing fans were “happy” to leave it at that…

Pacquiao didn’t have the tools to really trouble “TBE” – not anymore anyway – and Mayweather finally gave into the demands from the fans and gave them the fight that they’d been after for years.

The fact of the matter is however, despite fans being “happy” to leave it at that, the boxing community was also left feeling a little deflated and ripped off, because the duo hadn’t met inside the squared circle when they were both in their prime.

With all of that in mind, however, who in their right mind actually wants to see a rematch between these two now?

3 years on from their highly anticipated fight and with both men now around 40 years of age, nobody is really bothered by a rematch and despite Pacquiao’s impressive display against Lucas Matthysse, not so long ago, times have changed and the boxing world has moved on.

It’s just not really about Mayweather or Pacquiao anymore…

As a boxing fan who grew up watching and idolizing these 2 fighters as they ruled their divisions, I would pay to see them fight if they do come to terms and sign another contract.

However, I’m 100% certain that I’ll be left sat there, even more deflated than I was after their encounter 3 years ago!

Whether it happens, or whether it was just a bit of a publicity stunt to drum up some attention for Floyd Mayweather, JR. again, after a little while out of the lime light, I’m not particularly fussed…

Despite the fact that I and most other boxing fans would watch it, I think we can safely say that we don’t really want or need to see a rematch between the 2 fighters.

Especially not now!

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